Kashmir's transformation linked to people's desire for peace: LG
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Kashmir's transformation linked to people's desire for peace: LG

•      Historic policy shift ending exploitation of minorities in Indian politics  •      Upliftment of marginalised is J&K admin's mission •      21,000 Government jobs highest since Independence provided in 2022

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, October 29, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 28: In a significant address at the 'Sadbhavana' event organized by the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) at the Convention Centre in Srinagar, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha underscored the transformative changes in India's political landscape. He commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for putting an end to decades of opportunistic politics that had exploited minorities in the name of religion and used them solely as vote banks.
 “This significant policy change aims to foster inclusivity and ensure the empowerment of all citizens, regardless of their religion, caste, or community,” he said.
Addressing the 'Sadbhavana' event organised by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) at  Convention Centre Srinagar, LG Sinha said for years, divisive politics had plagued the country, with politicians often using religious and communal sentiments to secure votes, all while failing to address the real issues faced by the minorities.
“ This strategy left minority communities disillusioned and marginalized, serving as mere vote banks for those who promised much but delivered little,” he said.
LG Sinha said PM Modi’s bold decision to end the policy of appeasement reflects a commitment to a more equitable and just society, where every citizen is granted the same opportunities and rights.
“This move has been widely hailed by citizens across the nation as a step towards fostering unity and eradicating divisive tactics that had hindered the nation's progress,” he said.
“The situation in Kashmir has changed a lot due to the cooperation of people. There is a change in people's thinking as well and they want there should be peace and tranquility.Development can happen when there is peace in a region,” Lt. Governor said.
LG Sinha said IMF is playing a crucial role in empowering minorities, promoting Sufism and fostering brotherhood, peace & harmony as envisioned by  PM Narendra Modi.
“PM Modi guided by the vision of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' (Together with All, Development for All), has ushered in a new era where the government recognizes only one religion - "India First," one holy book - the "Constitution," and one ritual - the well-being of all its citizens,” he said.
Lt. Governor said this visionary approach reflects the essence of India's ancient civilization, characterized by respect for all religious beliefs and practices, and a steadfast determination for inclusive growth.
He said UT administration firmly believes in providing equal opportunities to all residents, with a particular focus on empowering the deprived sections of society.
“Upliftment of the marginalized is J&K Admin's mission. Benefits of growth are not provided on the basis of caste or community but on principle of inclusivity. Equal opportunity to all, especially the deprived section is our aim so they are empowered & contribute in the journey of Viksit Bharat,” he added.
LG Sinha urged every segment of society to come together in identifying and distancing themselves from divisive elements that pose a threat to peace and harmony.
“The development of a robust community hinges on the strength and prosperity of every household. This can only be realized when individuals collectively reject those elements that manipulate public sentiments, sow divisions, and undermine our social fabric," he said.
LG Sinha underscored that national integration and peace are vital prerequisites for societal development and progress. Fostering a sense of unity in diversity is a shared responsibility," he added.
During the event,  Satnam Singh Sandhu, President of the Indian Minorities Foundation, made an announcement regarding scholarships being offered to students from Kashmir.
Sufi scholars and religious leaders were felicitated including Syed Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi, Haji Syed Salman Chisty, Abdul Rehman Khadim, and the representatives of NGOs such as We the Helping Hand Foundation, South Asia Centre for Peace and People Empowerment, and Kashmir Speaks.
The event was attended by representatives from the Sufi Islamic Board, various NGOs, esteemed citizens, and a substantial number of attendees.

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