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Kashmiriyat is the keystone
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Kashmiriyat is the keystone

Post by on Monday, June 20, 2022

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Recent targeted killings of innocent civilians including outsiders and minorities evoked large condemnation and protestations by the Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmiris hit the streets in large numbers to protest against killings.The political leadership across the spectrum,the civil society leaders and the spiritual and religious leaders strongly condemned the killings.There was a strong appeal to minorities especially to members of Kashmiri Pandit community who are living and working in the Valley not to be frightened to leave Kashmir.That regional political leadership collectively even met the LG Manoj Sinha and urged him to resolve the issues of insecurity of the KP employees and assured full support to the minorities.This manifests that the Soul of Kashmiri ethos and plural societal values of “Kashmiriyat are alive”. Killing one and scaring a thousand was once again the Modus operandi to force exile of minorities but Kashmiri’s unitedly failed their designs.  Kashmiri’s are sick of death and destruction unleashed by radicals and extremist elements. They wish to live in peace and pick up peaceful life and ensure no more Kashmiris are killed by their own kiths and fellow natives. Kashmir calls for peace and sustainable inclusive development to the betterment of future generations. There is a dire need for an honest Intra-Communities dialogue to once again build mutual trust, amity and brotherhood between all the sections to reinforce and consolidate the idea of Insaniyat and our proud Kashmiriyat, that has been imperilled over the past three decades. Some of the credible NGOs, civil society leaders and the Kashmiri leadership are taking honest initiatives for building mutual trust, confidence and amity between the minority communities and majority. Such initiatives are in the interests of Kashmiriyat and deserve all out support. Kashmiriyat is the keystone of our proud heritage that was echoed by even Mahatma Gandhi in 1947 as a ray of light for the entire nation. Kashmir has once again to live up to its proud heritage. Let all Kashmiri’s take a pledge.



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