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Kashmiri students taking innovative steps

Post by on Saturday, April 2, 2022

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Many times while opening the lid of chemical bottles in school laboratories, students get their hands burnt. This issue made a student, Mehwish Riyaz Wani, to devise a lid opener for bottles in laboratories.


Hailing from Akhara village of South Kashmir’s district Kulgam, she got the idea in a science laboratory in her school. A lid opener made by her is used to open the lid of bottles of acid or other harmful chemicals.

She said, “While opening and closing the bottles of acid or other harmful chemicals in laboratories, there is a chance that a student can face accidents. With the help of the bottle opener, we can handle the chemicals safely.”

Currently she is studying in Senior Secondary Girls School, Aligarh Muslim University.

She also said that the bottle opener can be used for pesticides and other agricultural chemicals which can cause damage if they come in contact with skin or fabric.

The opener works on pressing and it lifts the inner cap of the bottle thus making it safe for handling.

 “At industrial level, it can also be used for big drums in which chemicals are stored. The innovation can be of good use to avoid any damages caused by chemicals,” she said.

In future, she wants to serve the society by passing the UPSC examination. “An officer works for a betterment of society and an officer with an innovative temper can do wonders,” she said.

Another student innovator, Shahida Bano from Sheeri, Baramulla has innovated a vehicle key with chip and finger-print sensor lock. The key would open the lock of vehicles by matching the fingerprint of the driver.

“Like our phones get unlocked with the help of fingerprints, the key does the same for the vehicles. Minors who usually have no experience in car driving, steal the car keys from their elders and drive recklessly which causes many accidents. The fingerprint sensor key will not let the car be unlocked by another person’s fingerprints,” she said.

She got the idea when two family members of one of the houses in her locality died due to the reckless driving of a minor.  

While researching she found that apart from reckless driving of cars by minors, car theft is another major issue and she decided to find the solution of both in one fingerprint sensor key.

The key on sensing the fingerprints of a driver would open the lock of the car and would also close the lock by sensing the fingerprints.

She said, “I was also thinking of improving it further. In the fingerprint sensor, we can also feed the details of the driver and license which can further make it secure.”

She said that her device is an important one in present times when driving by minors goes unnoticed. “With the help of innovation, we can make our cars secure and also save the lives of innocent people. It’s a must have device in these times where both accidents as well as car theft are high,” she said.

Currently, Shahida Bano is studying in 10th class in Government Girls High School Fatehgarh, Baramulla and looks forward to studying medicine.

“I am focused on my studies presently. My innovation has boosted my confidence. I am sure that I can make better innovations in future and will work for betterment of the society,” she said.

Both Mehwish and Shahida have been awarded for their innovations “Lid opener of bottles In Laboratories” and “A vehicle key with chip and finger-print sensor lock to detect age and license” respectively during 8th NLEPC of INSPIRE Awards-MANAK.

The INSPIRE Award - MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspiration and Knowledge) is being executed by the Department of Science & Technology and National Innovation Foundation-India. Under the INSPIRE Awards - MANAK Scheme, students of government as well as private schools send their creative technological ideas and innovations while focusing on problems faced by society and come up with solutions on their own. 


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