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Kashmir tweets: Promoting Koshur Humour .

Post by on Sunday, August 21, 2022

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Giving you a dose of laughter, an Instagram page Kashmir tweets crack you up with the content that one would go for scrolling and laughing endlessly. 

Having more than 27k followers, Arooj from Srinagar has been managing the meme page. 

He said, “Meme culture is seen almost everywhere these days. I saw a lot of humorous talent of Kashmiris on twitter that remains underrated and doesn't reach a certain number of people as it should.”

The idea that gave birth to this Instagram meme page is to give memers a platform by uploading their memes and relatable Kashmiri stuff on Instagram. 

He started the page with the intention of making a small family who are tired like him of not finding any funny content especially from Kashmir on Instagram.

He said, “We all are going through a lot in our day today lives. All of us need something that turns the mood on at the end of the day.”

The people here mostly get attracted to the related things that happen in Kashmir in every household or outside in our society, he said. 

“People find it funny when the content is relatable to them like memes on trending topics like Kashmiri marriages, Kashmiri myths, Kashmiris parents’ sayings, what happens at every house, what we experience while travelling, everything that a typical koshur can relate to,” he said. 

He has enjoyed the journey of his page with the support that he gets every day.

“I got a lot of support in Kashmir and especially Kashmiris who are away from home. This page keeps them connected to the memories and other stuff of their land. People share the memes and jokes with their family friends and relatives while criticism is also there which I always take positively and try to work on,” he said.

He said that people keep recommending the page to their loved ones that boosts his energy to work more on the page. 
“My only message to people is life is too short to stress, enjoy every moment of life and keep smiling,” he said. 

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