Kashmir Tourism hopes for intn'l visibility at G-20 summit
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Kashmir Tourism hopes for intn'l visibility at G-20 summit

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, May 20, 2023

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Srinagar, May 19: The upcoming G20 meeting in Kashmir will create a positive environment for tourism promotion and overall economic development,  which can have a positive impact on the region.The people of Kashmir are ready to welcome the delegates from the G20 countries and show them the beauty and hospitality of the region,
Hoteliers, houseboat owners, transporters, and shikara owners have all pinned their hopes on the positive impact this summit will have on the Kashmir tourism industry. 
The commissioner secretary of tourism, Syed Abid Rashid, recently stated that the visiting delegates are expected to assume the role of ambassadors, actively promoting the region as an outstanding global tourist destination. Such promotion is anticipated to have a profound effect on the local tourism industry, creating employment opportunities and fostering a positive ripple effect on the overall economy.
Houseboat owners in Kashmir have voiced concern over the decline in foreign tourists visiting the valley, adding that many of these visitors customarily stay on houseboats. Aijaz Khonshi, a Dal Lake resident, is looking forward to the event because it would show the world the beauty of Kashmir and he hopes that this gives an outstanding opportunity for the restoration of foreign tourism in the Kashmir Valley.
Manzoor Ahmad Pakhtoon, President of the Houseboat Owners’ Association in Kashmir, expressed hope that the G-20 summit will attract a surge of international tourists to the region. He believes that this event presents a unique opportunity to showcase the rich culture of Kashmir through historical visits to Dal Lake and the possibility of shikara rides and houseboat visits.
The G-20, a prominent global platform for economic cooperation, has increasingly recognized the significance of tourism as a catalyst for economic growth and international collaboration. Leveraging its influence, the G-20 actively promotes tourism and seizes opportunities to enhance its visibility in international forums.
Bashir Ahmad Bhat, President of the Hoteliers’ Association Kashmir, eagerly anticipates the summit, stating that it has the potential to promote the tourism sector on an international forum. He is confident that the improved situation in Kashmir, combined with the G-20 summit, will attract a significant influx of international tourists to the region.
Hoteliers have acknowledged the active engagement of the G-20 in promoting tourism, highlighting that it not only boosts visibility but also fosters partnerships and collaboration among member countries and other global stakeholders. These interactions pave the way for innovative tourism strategies, joint marketing campaigns, and investments that stimulate tourism flows and promote cross-cultural understanding.

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