Kashmir tourism dept introduces new rates for shikara rides in Dal Lake
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Kashmir tourism dept introduces new rates for shikara rides in Dal Lake

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Srinagar, June 2: The Department of Tourism in Kashmir has made a significant move to regulate the prices of shikara rides in Dal Lake, Srinagar. Addressing concerns over the steep charges for shikara rides, the department has released a fresh rate list, bringing delight to both local and non-local tourists.
Under the new rate list, visitors can now enjoy a serene shikara ride in Dal Lake for Rs. 700 per hour, covering a distance of up to 3 kilometers. Each subsequent hour will cost Rs. 400. Additionally, tourists can opt for a full-day shikara ride, lasting 6 hours, at a rate of Rs. 2,700. Similar rates are applicable for shikara rides in Nigeen Lake.
To ensure transparency and fair pricing, the department has also established rates for specific routes. For example, a return shikara ride from Ghat 23, 24, or 25 to Hazratbal via Charchinar (Sonalank) will cost Rs. 550, while the return journey from Ghat 22 to Hazratbal will be Rs. 650. Rates may vary depending on the starting point and destination.
The department has emphasized that strict action will be taken against shikara operators who fail to comply with the new rates. Non-compliant operators risk having their licenses revoked as the department aims to firmly enforce the new pricing guidelines.
The decision to implement a standardized rate list has been warmly received by both local residents and tourists. Visitors, who were previously discouraged by high charges, can now explore the enchanting beauty of Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake without the burden of excessive expenses. This move is expected to bolster tourism in the region and attract more visitors, consequently benefiting the local economy.
The Department of Tourism in Kashmir remains committed to providing an enjoyable and affordable experience for tourists. By establishing reasonable rates for shikara rides, they have taken a positive step towards ensuring that everyone can relish the captivating beauty of Srinagar's lakes without financial constraints. With the promise of fair prices, visitors can now create lasting memories against the backdrop of the picturesque Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake.

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