Kashmir reports notable decline in terror activities: DGP
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Kashmir reports notable decline in terror activities: DGP

Missing soldier case: Progress made in investigations

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug o1: 
The Director-General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh commended the significant reduction in terrorism and terror-related activities in the Kashmir Valley, attributing it to the collective efforts of the security forces. 
Addressing the media at the conclusion of the J&K Police Martyr's 19th Football Tournament final in Srinagar, DGP Singh acknowledged the improved security situation but emphasized that terrorism has not been completely eradicated.
"We have witnessed a considerable decline in terrorist activities over the past years, and the situation has improved substantially," said DGP Singh. "However, certain elements continue to pose challenges, and their attempts to disrupt the peace in the region persist."
The DGP stressed the importance of continued vigilance and efforts to neutralize any remaining threats. He expressed the unwavering determination of the security forces to maintain law and order and protect the people of the region.
Regarding the recent case of a missing soldier in Kulgam, DGP Singh stated that progress has been made in the investigations, and vital leads have been extracted. He expressed hope that the case would be resolved soon but refrained from providing further details to avoid compromising the ongoing probe.
Acknowledging the potential involvement of foreign terrorists in the missing soldier's case, the DGP highlighted the presence of such elements in South Kashmir. He assured the public that the security forces are actively working to track down and eliminate these threats.
As the fifth anniversary of the rollback of Article 370 approaches on August 5, DGP Singh discussed the ground situation in Kashmir, noting the positive changes in recent years. He emphasized that previously inaccessible areas have become accessible to tourists, showcasing the region's improving conditions and attractiveness to visitors.
"The peaceful atmosphere has encouraged tourism in Kashmir, and we have witnessed an extraordinary influx of tourists," stated DGP Singh. "The ongoingAmarnathYatra has progressed smoothly without any disruptions, further reflecting the improved security situation."
DGP Singh also highlighted a significant milestone in the region's cultural landscape, with the resumption of the Muharram procession in Srinagar after 34 years. This event signifies the people's confidence in the prevailing peaceful environment.
Addressing the issue of narco-terrorism, DGP Singh emphasized the relentless efforts of the police to combat drug smuggling into the region. He praised the successful seizures of narcotics this year, showcasing the commitment of the security forces in breaking the chain of those involved in such illicit activities.
The DGP also acknowledged the talent and potential of the youth in downtown areas and promised to provide them with platforms to excel and grow. He expressed satisfaction with the youth's focus on education and career-building, as well as their active preparation for competitive exams.

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