Kashmir as an all season destination
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Kashmir as an all season destination

Post by RK News on Thursday, October 13, 2022

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In Kashmir, winters have always been perceived and projected as ‘off season’ by people in general and in particular by people associated with tourism for their livelihoods. The ‘tourist season’ is or better to say has been limited to the handful of months between May and October. Kashmir is one of the few places in Indian subcontinent having the distinction of being an all season destination. Each of the season, well demarcated from each other, has its own attractions to lure the seeking eyes of a tourist. From the blooms of spring to the cooled summers or the colorful autumn to the majestic winters, every month has a lot to offer. It is a tale of yore that winters would be months of blockages and confinements. Better mobility even in heavy snowfall has been achieved and accepted with improved technology. Air-conditioned accommodations and transport make tourists stay comfortable. Still, come autumn and the tourists desert Kashmir and opt for other destinations for holidays. The reason that not many opt for Kashmir in the so-called off season is because of the lack of efforts by the concerned to market it in a way different from the age-old methods. Communication and promotion holds the key to change the perspective of the people about the ‘perfect time’ to visit Kashmir. A casual scan of the media, outdoor, web or mass, makes it clear that not much thought is put into packaging Kashmir as an all season destination. The lush greens of gardens, lakes and resorts in the hoardings that Department of tourism erects at its stalls for promotion tell only a part of Kashmir’s tourist destination story. The websites that the tourists usually refer to for travel related information site Kashmir as a summer destination. Much needs to be done and done fast. The department for tourism needs to read the pulse of a traveler and use the media to its optimum for promotion of variety that Kashmir offers in every season. Out of Home Advertising (OOH) need to be included in the promotional plans and well designed and packaged communication be targeted at strategic locations all over India and outside. Social networking sites also provide an opportunity to promote Kashmir and change the perspective and attitude to potential tourists. It is time that Kashmir gears up to invite and receive tourists this winter. Income in millions is getting siphoned because of a single word – off season.

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