Jogishwari Mandir Trust reconstituted to preserve Rainawari Temples
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Jogishwari Mandir Trust reconstituted to preserve Rainawari Temples

Post by RK News on Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 02: In a significant development aimed at safeguarding the historical temples and properties in Rainawari, Srinagar, the Rainawari Kashmiri Pandit Action Committee (RKPAC), the apex body of Rainawari temples, has taken proactive steps to address the deplorable condition of the Jogishwari Mandir and other heritage sites.

An emergency General Body meeting was convened on June 12, 2023, at the Sri Sri Chakreshwar Jagat Amba Sharika Sanathaon, where crucial decisions were made under the leadership of B L Jalali, President of RKPAC.

The deteriorating state of the Jogishwari Mandir and its Shopping Complex prompted the formation of a core group comprising B L Jalali, Benenrji Hak, Rakesh Hangloo, and Dr. Mahesh Kaul. This group conducted an extensive survey of the Rainawari Temples and properties, including the revered Gopi Tirath temple and its Holy Spring at Brein, Nishat, Srinagar. Their findings highlighted the urgent need for action.

Submitting a memorandum to the concerned authorities in Srinagar, including the Tehsildar Khanyar and the Municipal Corporation, the core group effectively pressed for immediate attention. The authorities promptly responded by dispatching a team to assess the temple properties, and the Municipal Corporation initiated a cleanliness drive.

Of significant concern, the core group's report also revealed a systematic effort by vested interests to encroach upon the ancient Gopi Tirath land. In response, the RKPAC and Trustees of the Jogishwari Mandir Trust passed a resolute resolution, firmly urging against any encroachments and trespassing on these sacred lands. To reinforce this stand, official signboards of the Jogishwari Mandir Trust were installed across the properties, including Gopi Tirath, Nishat, and others.

In a move aimed at revitalizing the Jogishwari Mandir Trust, RKPAC undertook a complete reconstitution of the Trust's governing body. This decision came after the resignation of the former President, AK Raina. The dissolution of the previous body was officially ratified and confirmed by the assembly, leading to the nomination of new trustees and office bearers. A steering committee, consisting of K J Bhat, Benner Ji Hak, Rakesh Hangloo, and Dr. Mahesh Kaul, was unanimously formed to oversee the Trust's streamlined functioning.

The reconstitution process culminated on July 18, 2023, at the ASKPC office, Durga Nagar, Jammu, where the new office bearers and trustees were elected. The newly reconstituted Jogishwari Mandir Trust now comprises dynamic individuals committed to preserving the cultural and religious heritage of Rainawari. The President, Bennerji Hak, along with other elected officials, aims to lead the Trust in its mission to protect and revitalize these significant historical landmarks for the benefit of the community.

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