J&K's Jamboo Zoo gears up for arrival of Asiatic Lion & Royal Bengal Tiger 
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J&K's Jamboo Zoo gears up for arrival of Asiatic Lion & Royal Bengal Tiger 

J&K becomes first in North India to showcase rare animal species

Post by Arvind Sharma on Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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Jammu, Nov 07
The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is gearing up to welcome the arrival of two magnificent and rare animal species, the Asiatic Lion and the Royal Bengal Tiger, at the Jamboo Zoo in Jammu. This marks the first time that these awe-inspiring creatures will be made available for public viewing in the region.
According to the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Amit Sharma, the Asiatic Lion is expected to reach Jamboo Zoo at 8 AM tomorrow, while the Royal Bengal Tiger is scheduled to arrive on November 18. Both species will be introduced as pairs, comprising a male and a female. Prior to being put on public display, these exceptional animals will undergo a 10-day quarantine period to acclimatize to the local climate and surroundings.
Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir is set to become the sole location in Northern India where these rare and beautiful creatures, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Lion, can be admired. The anticipation among the local population to catch a glimpse of these extraordinary species at Jamboo Zoo has been palpable.
To facilitate this historic initiative, a dedicated team from the Wildlife Department of J&K has been dispatched. A team of four members is en route to Chennai to retrieve the Royal Bengal Tiger, while a five-member team from Jammu is making its way to Gujarat to bring the Asiatic Lion to J&K.
The journey of the Asiatic Lion pair to Jammu will be undertaken by road, while the male and female Royal Bengal Tigers will be transported by train from Chennai.
It's worth noting that the inauguration of Jamboo Zoo took place on May 29th of this year, with the aim of promoting tourism in J&K. To kick-start this exciting endeavour, the Lieutenant Governor Sinha had also announced free entry for the first month at the Jamboo Zoo. Wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers in the region can look forward to a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures up close in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir.


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