JKAP’s Yasir Choudhary seeks redressal of public issues
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JKAP’s Yasir Choudhary seeks redressal of public issues

Post by RK News on Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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Jammu, May 23: Apni Party leader and district president Rural Kathua (Bani, Bansoli) Yasir Choudhary on Tuesday addressed a huge public gathering of Panchayat Godufalal at Roukhla, Bani-Lohai in Malhar constituency.
Speaking on the occasion, Choudhary said that said the constituency comprises 30,000 people and 6 Panchayats and they have been deprived of the basic facilities as their demand is genuine since they lack proper roads. 
“Providing proper roads is the main issue as the whole of 6 Panchayats and its people suffer. The earlier political regimes have done nothing but made only false promises of providing good roads, proper supply of electricity and water,” he said, according to a statement. 
Choudhary urged the LG administration and the Central government to “intervene in the matter and provide a timely solution so that people can live a better life as proper roads are basic rights of people”. 


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