J&K witnesses unprecedented transformation: LG Sinha
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J&K witnesses unprecedented transformation: LG Sinha

70-Year discrimination ends, equal development opportunities for all Celebrates citizens' ability to express without fear We do not believe in buying peace but in establishing peace

Post by RK News on Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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Srinagar, July 31: In a virtual address during a roundtable discussion on the development scenario in Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant Governor ManojSinha lauded the remarkable journey of the region towards peace, prosperity, and unparalleled development. Organized by India Foundation, the discussion saw eminent personalities, experts, and senior functionaries expressing their appreciation for the transformative initiatives undertaken by the UT administration.
During the event, Lt Governor Sinha emphasized the decimation of the long-standing discriminatory system that had prevailed for nearly seven decades. He proudly spoke about the implementation of inclusive policies that have fostered development and positively impacted the lives of millions in the region.
"The transformation of J&K UT in less than four years has been phenomenal. We have decimated the discriminatory system prevalent for almost seven-decades and implemented inclusive policies that fostered development and touched the lives of millions. People have freedom to live their life as they desire, rather than dictated by others," the Lt Governor stated.
He further highlighted the reforms introduced by the government to establish a peaceful and conducive environment that empowers the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. Lt Governor Sinha expressed his delight over the newfound freedom of expression and thought for the common citizens, who can now openly share their feelings without fear from separatist-terrorist networks.
"For the first time after independence, the common citizen of J&K can think freely and express their feelings without any fear from separatist-terrorist network. It is one of the biggest transformations common man is witnessing under the leadership of Prime Minister NarendraModi," he remarked.
Amidst rapid economic development and unparalleled growth with equity, the Lieutenant Governor highlighted the significant social changes observed in the day-to-day lives of the common citizens. He expressed that there is a growing aspiration in the society to excel and move forward.
"Peace is the first step in the journey of development. And, we do not believe in buying peace but in establishing peace. There is no distinction in policy and intent. Discriminatory policies imposed for 70 years are gone, and citizens are getting equal opportunities for development," the Lt Governor observed.
The peaceful conduct of the G20 summit, the historic Muharram procession held in Kashmir after 34 years, the revival of cinemas, and the unprecedented surge in tourist visits to Jammu and Kashmir have sent a resounding message that the region is on the path of progress.
Ram Madhav, President of India Foundation, Sh B.V.R. Subrahmanyam, CEO of NITI Aayog, ShAlokBansal, Director of India Foundation, and Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd) were among the dignitaries who expressed their views during the roundtable discussion.


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