JK Police DySp arrested
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JK Police DySp arrested

Charged for corruption, extortion and fraud

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Friday, September 22, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 21: Taking strong cognizance of the allegations of corruption, extortion and fraud leveled against an officer, The Srinagar police on Thursday arrested Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq (KPS).
The reports revealed that earlier this week, a special team from Srinagar police conducted a thorough search of DSP Sheikh Adil Mushtaq's residence, located near the BSNL Exchange in Sanatnagar, Srinagar. During the operation, officers seized various items, including documents, a laptop, and electronic devices, which are believed to be crucial pieces of evidence in the case.
Srinagar police, in their official statement, reported, "One DySP of 17th IRP, namely Adil Mushtaq, has been arrested under the Prevention of Corruption Act and relevant sections of the IPC. A five-member SIT headed by SP South City will conduct an investigation. Six days of police remand for the accused have been obtained."
According to sources, DySP Sheikh Adil Mushtaq was questioned in connection with the case. On Thursday, he was formally arrested by Srinagar police under sections Section 167 IPC, (Public servant framing an incorrect document with the intent to cause injury) and Section 193 IPC, (Punishment for false evidence.) Section 201 IPC, (causing disappearance of evidence of an offence, or giving false information to screen offender.) Section 210 IPC, (fraudulently obtaining decree for sum not due.)
Similarly, Section 218 IPC, (Public servant framing incorrect record or writing with intent to save a person from punishment or property from forfeiture.) Section 221 IPC, (Intentional omission to apprehend, or sufferance of escape, on the part of a public servant, in cases not otherwise provided.) Section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Offence relating to public servants being bribed. Section 7A of the Prevention of Corruption Act: Taking undue advantage to influence public servants by corrupt or illegal means or by the exercise of personal influence.
Reports suggest that DySP Sheikh Adil Mushtaq had established significant connections with certain segments of the Delhi media. Additionally, he had maintained long-standing associations with reputed officers within the Jammu and Kashmir Police Department.
It has been reported that Sheikh Adil Mushtaq was in Srinagar just two days ago and attempted to evade arrest by fleeing his residence. However, the Police successfully apprehended him.

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