J&K HUDD directs for timely project implementation
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J&K HUDD directs for timely project implementation

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Srinagar, Nov 28: In an effort to ensure the swift execution of capital expenditure projects, Prashant Goyal, Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUDD) in Jammu and Kashmir, has reiterated strict directives aimed at optimizing budget utilization across various schemes.
The issued circular underscores the importance of realistic assessments, mandating the engagement of experienced consultants for Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation unless in-house expertise is confirmed.
Entities are now required to obtain prior budget approval before incurring any expenditure, with post-facto approvals explicitly disallowed. Additionally, a minimum threshold of 5 lakhs for capital expenditure projects is set, discouraging thinly spread funds on small-sized projects.
"Priority is emphasised on completing ongoing projects within the fiscal year, discouraging projects extending beyond two financial years," it said.
The circular emphasises that funds should not be excessively divided into sub-components on BEAMS, ensuring flexibility while adhering to approved scheme components.
Strict adherence to Finance Department instructions during Annual Action Plan formulation, including accurate project details on BEAMS, is highlighted in the circular.
For availing funds under Central Share, Heads of Departments (HODs) and Managing Directors (MDs) are urged to secure a minimum of four instalments annually, proceeding with the Union Territory's share even in case of delayed Central Share releases.
The circular advises that tendering may commence post-scheme/project approval, with work awards only following Finance Department fund release. To ensure competition, tenders should be widely publicised through departmental websites and national dailies.
"Implementing agencies are encouraged to submit bills for completed work promptly, regardless of full fund releases, to prevent work stoppages," it said.
The circular mandates the inclusion of infrastructure works on the PM Gati-Shakti portal in tender scopes.
The department cautions that any challenges or delays in project execution are to be promptly reported to HUDD for resolution.
"Non-compliance may lead to adverse consequences, holding the concerned officers and Finance Advisors & Additional Directors (FA & ADs) accountable," it said.

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