Islamia College organizes seminar to promote reduction of single-use plastic 
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Islamia College organizes seminar to promote reduction of single-use plastic 

Post by RK News on Friday, June 2, 2023

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Srinagar, June 01: Islamia College took a significant step towards environmental sustainability by hosting a daylong seminar focused on reducing single-use plastic. Held under the Mission Life Programme, the event aimed to create awareness and inspire individuals to play an active role in combating climate change. The seminar witnessed the participation of esteemed guest speakers and enthusiastic students, who all shared a common goal of protecting the planet.
The seminar commenced with Dr. Syed A Untoo, Media Secretary of the College, expressing his gratitude to the college administration for organizing such an impactful event. He emphasized the importance of equipping students with knowledge about new technologies and effective scientific practices, applauding the administration's commitment to promoting environmental consciousness.
Professor (Dr.) Khursheed A. Khan, the Principal of Islamia College, delivered the inaugural address and highlighted the significance of the college's participation in G-20 and Mission Life celebrations. He emphasized the seven themes of the initiative, including saving energy, conserving water, rejecting plastic, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyles. The Principal emphasized the role of seminars like this in empowering students and the community to create a cleaner and greener environment.
Professor Zahida Mehraj, the Head of the PG Department of Zoology, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the harmful effects of plastic and encouraged the use of jute or cloth bags as eco-friendly alternatives. Professor Javid Hussain, the Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, underscored the alarming global changes caused by human activity and emphasized the objective of the seminar to eliminate the use of plastic altogether.
Professor Mehraj Ud Din Gagloo, an Associate Professor from the PG Department of Zoology, highlighted the successful implementation of bottle banks in European countries, where used bottles are returned for reuse. He advocated for the recycling of glass bottles, which involves melting broken glass in furnaces to create new bottles or other objects, thereby reducing the need for plastic.
Dr. Arshed Iqbal Dar, the Seminar Coordinator, shed light on various strategies to reduce plastic waste, urging participants to adopt responsible waste management practices. Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Jhat and Dr. Nusrat Parveen, the Chief Coordinators of G-20 and Mission Life programmes at the college, expressed their belief that the seminar would inspire individuals to minimize plastic use and protect natural resources.
Student speakers, including Amir Rashid, Mariya Khatoon, Ubaid Yousuf, and Hishan Arshid, delivered compelling presentations on the detrimental impact of plastic waste on the environment and stressed the urgency of responsible disposal. Their speeches resonated with the large number of students from various departments who actively participated in the seminar.
Mudasir Mehraj skillfully anchored the events of the seminar, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all attendees.
The seminar at Islamia College served as a significant step towards a sustainable future, encouraging individuals to adopt eco-friendly alternatives and reduce the use of single-use plastics. By empowering students and the community with knowledge and practical solutions, the college continues to contribute to the global fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

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