Islamia College hosts lecture on Nanotechnology by Dr. Saifullah Lone
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Islamia College hosts lecture on Nanotechnology by Dr. Saifullah Lone

Post by RK News on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Srinagar, May 30: Islamia College organized a captivating lecture on nanotechnology, a cutting-edge field of science and engineering that deals with manipulating atoms and molecules at the nano-scale. As part of the G-20 celebrations, the event featured Dr. Saifullah Lone, an esteemed researcher from the Interdisciplinary Division for Renewable Energy and Advanced Materials (iDREAM) at NIT, Srinagar.
The lecture, held at Islamia College, aimed to provide students with valuable insights and enhance their understanding of nanotechnology. Welcoming the distinguished guest speaker, Professor (Dr.) Khursheed A. Khan, the Principal of the college, expressed his enthusiasm for such enlightening sessions that contribute to students' learning and research endeavors.
Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Jhat, the Chief Coordinator of G-20 programs at the college, praised the administration's initiative in organizing such events, emphasizing their role in equipping students with knowledge about new technologies and effective scientific practices. Professors Basia and Sehreen from the Department of Nano Science at ICSC also delivered presentations, underscoring the pivotal role of nanoscience in various domains. They highlighted the potential of nanotechnology to enhance the efficiency of electrical lines, solar cells, and biofuels. Additionally, they discussed its immense promise in revolutionizing healthcare, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of grave diseases.
Dr. Saifullah Lone, the esteemed guest and keynote speaker from NIIT, delivered a concise yet comprehensive presentation, offering a broader vision of nanotechnology. Drawing from his experiences within India and abroad, he emphasized the transformative impact of nanotechnology on various sectors, including information technology, homeland security, medicine, transportation, energy, food safety, and environmental science.
The lecture witnessed an overwhelming response from students specializing in nanoscience, as well as faculty members and heads of departments from different disciplines. At the end of the session, students actively participated in a discussion with Dr. Saifullah Lone, sharing their views and engaging in an insightful exchange of ideas.
Adding to the event's vibrancy, Maroosha and Maleeha, fourth and sixth-semester nanoscience students, presented an impressive poster that encapsulated the essence of nanotechnology. The poster presentation was moderated by Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Dar and Dr. Azeem u Shan Banday from the Department of Physics.
Concluding the lecture, Professor Sheikh Abid Hussain, the Head of the Nano Technology Department, extended a formal vote of thanks to all the participants, highlighting the value of such knowledge-sharing platforms in fostering academic growth and innovation.
The lecture on nanotechnology at Islamia College, featuring the expertise of Dr. Saifullah Lone and complemented by the contributions of faculty members and students, was a resounding success. It served as a catalyst for further exploration and understanding of nanotechnology's vast potential and its impact on diverse fields.

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