International Biodiversity Day
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International Biodiversity Day

Post by RK News on Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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International Day For Biological Diversity was observed on May 22 all across the world. This year the theme of the day is, “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity”. On this day, emphasis is laid on creating awareness among the people about the importance of biological diversity in our lives and its role in sustaining life on the planet earth. Many environmentalists are of the opinion that the participation of local community is very important for the protection of biodiversity, effective wild life conservation and promotion of nature tourism. There is a dire need to strike a balance between development and protection of precious biodiversity of the world. It is a fact that despite the miles covered and milestones reached by the advancement and progress of human civilization, certain elements continue to be a drag in the forward march.  Over the years, what is unfolding in the field of science and technology is no less than a wonder. Advancement in science and technology has not only rectified many wrongs but also eased the phenomenon of living. However in the hindsight, the increasing dependence on technology and scientific advancement has caused overexploitation of natural resources, which in return has raised some inevitable questions as far as the survival of people on the planet of earth is concerned. Gradual meltdown of glaciers, degradation of forest cover, shrinking of water bodies, and conversion of agricultural land into residential colonies under the banner of urbanisation is wreaking havoc with our fragile ecology. The importance of biodiversity is undeniable and the role it plays in sustaining human life is immense. By far we are aware and perhaps seen where it can lead us if we overuse our natural resources. The human survival is at stake amid the growing problems of global warming, environmental pollution and nuclear adventurism. The UT of Jammu and Kashmir is environmentally very fragile. Not only are the people of Kashmir dependent on biodiversity which include forests, for their survival, but also economically they are reliable on them.  Our forests are source of income for number of families. The human interference in forest and in wildlife habitats has not only disturbed the natural ecological balance but has forced the wild animals to turn towards human dwelling which has resulted in the increasing number of man-animal conflicts. The role of the political leadership is indisputable in saving and securing our biological diversity. The government and civil society have to put their act together. It is time to create public awareness about the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity conservation.  In saving our mother-nature, the role of the political leadership is indisputable.

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