Insha Shabir’s resin artwork make waves on social media 
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Insha Shabir’s resin artwork make waves on social media 

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, October 9, 2022

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The artwork by Insha Shabir has become an internet sensation in Kashmir after her creatively designed products grabbed the attention of social media users.

Hailing from Kanjigund area in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district, 26 year-old Insha, is running her Instagram page 'Insha-artworks' and over the past two years, her work has given her unique recognition in the field of resin art.

The young artist told Rising Kashmir that she was very passionate about art since her childhood and later she decided to pursue studies in the same field.

"After completing Bachelor's of Fine Arts(Painting) from University of Kashmir, I developed more interest in resin art. This art is created when a runny chemical called epoxy resin is combined with various colour pigments and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures,” she said.

Insha said resin art is a unique painting style where you do not require typical brushes, strokes, water colour, acrylic or oil paints for artwork.

"The resin mixture gradually hardens (when mixed with a hardener) to a solid plastic as a chemical reaction between its components takes place," she said adding “It was a good platform to showcase my art made from discarded waste, which got me immense appreciation and accolades.”

The young artist says learning resin art was the turning point of her life, where she realized her interest and never looked back. “Now I am getting a positive response from customers, people and even my students,” she said.

“I am currently working to impart my skills to others, with primarily focused on youngsters. I have conducted workshops as it serves as the best method in giving back to society. Such things also encourage others to become passionate about this craft,” she said.

Insha said the majority of the students she works with are attempting to develop their skills so they can start creating resin art professionally, while others do it as a hobby.

Her family remains her strongest pillar of support, driving her everywhere, to exhibitions across Kashmir so that she can showcase her products.

“My family is acting as a backbone in my journey. They never discouraged me, instead urged me to work for my passion and extended their full support,” she said.

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