India-Bangladesh strengthens bilateral relations through collaborative projects
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India-Bangladesh strengthens bilateral relations through collaborative projects

The historical and cultural connections between the two nations form the bedrock of their strong social, economic, and political ties

Post by PROF. JASIM MOHAMMAD on Friday, November 3, 2023

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The connection between India and Bangladesh has blossomed, witnessing substantial progress and enhanced cooperation across multiple sectors, signifying strengthened bilateral ties.


In a fresh joint effort, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina inaugurated three significant development projects through a virtual ceremony. The projects, which include the Akhaura-Agartala Cross-Border Rail Link, Khulna-Mongla Port Rail Line, and Unit-II of the Maitree Super Thermal Power Plant in Rampal, Bangladesh, highlight the deepening partnership between the two nations.


"Through these significant projects, we solidify the strong friendship and collaboration between our two countries. I express my gratitude to PM Modi for his warm hospitality during my visit in September 2023 to attend the G20 Summit," mentioned the Bangladesh Prime Minister


The projects, executed under various assistance programs, including grants and concessional financing schemes, serve to bolster connectivity and energy security in the region. Notably, the rail links and power projects signify a milestone in regional infrastructure development.


Also, discussions between the two nations at various forums, such as the Bangladesh-India Friendship Dialogue and the Joint Group of Customs meeting, highlighted the importance of fostering comprehensive and mutually beneficial partnerships. These talks emphasized the significance of connectivity, culture, and trade facilitation.


With Bangladesh being a significant trading partner for India in the subcontinent, recent efforts aimed at streamlining trade transactions and cargo movements reflect the robust economic relationship between the two countries. This includes exploring avenues to strengthen economic ties through trade transactions in local currencies.


The historical and cultural connections between the two nations form the bedrock of their strong social, economic, and political ties. This has led to the signing of various Memorandums of Understanding and the inauguration of multiple projects, signifying a heightened phase of cooperation.


Both countries are now exploring new horizons in defense cooperation, marking a significant step in their security collaboration. This indicates the shared vision and commitment to mutual growth and progress.


At the commemoration of Bangladesh's 50th Independence anniversary, both nations celebrated their shared values and mutual aspirations. Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the symbiotic role of the Indian Army in Bangladesh's freedom war, highlighting the unbreakable bond created through shared sacrifices.


The event also marked the posthumous award of the Gandhi Peace Prize 2020 to Bangabandhu, reinforcing the historical and enduring ties between the two nations.


The enduring relationship between India and Bangladesh stands as a testament to the commitment of both nations towards mutual prosperity and shared progress. With a rich history, cultural affinity, and a growing array of collaborative ventures, this partnership is poised to endure, creating an environment that fosters economic growth, cultural exchange, and regional stability.


While both countries continue to navigate a dynamic global landscape, the lasting friendship between India and Bangladesh remains a vital force for the collective advancement and well-being of both nations.


PM Modi's pivotal role in steering the relations between India and Bangladesh cannot be understated. His proactive engagement and visionary leadership have set the stage for deeper cooperation and strengthened ties between the two nations. His commitment to bolstering trade, enhancing infrastructure, and fostering cultural connections lays a strong foundation for a comprehensive partnership.


As a leader known for his strategic acumen and forward-thinking initiatives, PM's continued involvement is instrumental in furthering the shared objectives of prosperity, stability, and sustained growth for both India and Bangladesh. His leadership remains an essential factor in charting the path toward a more interconnected and prosperous future for both countries.



 (Author is Professor in Comparative Literature & Chairman, Centre for Narendra Modi Studies (CNMS), New Delhi. Email: Former Head & Group Editor, Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (National Urdu Daily) & Aalami Sahara TV (Urdu News Channel) Former Media Advisor, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.Feedback:

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