In praise of fathers...!
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In praise of fathers...!

Oh dear father what can write, If I have the water of oceans as ink and the woods of the world as pen it wouldn't be sufficient to write in your praise

Post by on Monday, June 20, 2022

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O father, my father what can I write in your praise. My words fall short and my pen stumbles in awe to write in what I want to say for you. Shall I talk of the name and fame you give me that I carry on all through my life. Shall I talk of the care and affection that you pour on me that no other than a father can give. Shall I talk of the dreams that you see for me to place me higher and higher. Shall I talk of the sacrifices and struggles you go through only to see my wishes are fulfilled at the first call. Shall I talk of the protection and safety you provide me that removes my wildest fears and insecurities.

Oh dear father what can write, If I have the water of oceans as ink and the woods of the world as pen it wouldn't be sufficient to write in your praise.

Confidence and bravery you instil in me.

Honesty and integrity I imbibe from you.

Values and ethics I owe from you.

Courage and compassion I take from you...

Justice and fairness all flow from you...


I still remember the little finger you gave me to help me learn my first walk as a toddler. I still remember you giving me horse rideon your back to see me laughing in giggles. I remember you carrying me piggyback to save me from the bumps and bruises in the woods. I remember the care and concern you have for me O my papa. I remember the days when you toiled very hard to support me and mom. You toiled at the sweat of your brow and used to cool it off with your kissing and hugging me when you came home.


Papa I am grateful for teaching me the lessons of life well. For teaching me to be honest and fair always. For honesty is the best policy. For teaching me about dignity and decency. That how hard you work matters more than how much money you make. That helping others means more than getting ahead yourself. For teaching me about honesty and integrity. That the truth matters. That you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules. That success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square. For teaching me humility and gratitude. That so many people may have a hand in my success and that I value and respect their contribution. For teaching me that the world is not going to be fair always. That all men are not honest. But for every scoundrel there is a hero. For every enemy there is a friend. For teaching me to listen to all people but to filter all that I hear onto a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through. For teaching me to remain calm and clear headed when things go up and down. For up and down is the way of life. Up and down is going life and going smooth is a wellknown myth.


Thank you my papa for being there always for me. For repairing my wounds and soothing my feelings. For helping me to go up the places you never have been. For always putting my priorities first. For helping me becoming the person I am today. For being like a fruit tree to me giving me your fruits and shade and all resources from your fountain of life.

My regards and respect to you fathers and my request to all my fellow brethren to honour your fathers and take care of them for their care and service may open all the doors of success for you in this world and the heavens...

With Love and Regards


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