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In praise of Al Quran

Post by on Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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 How shall I begin the praise of the Word of Allah.

What words can I choose and what sentences can glorify.

My ink is so poor and words so impoverished to write in the honour of the Book of Allah.

The blood in my veins starts gushing fast as I begin the Zikr of the Zikr of Allah.


My tongue fumbles and pen shivers in reverence.

I start with key of Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem.

And the unfathomable and all encompassing mercy in the Names of Allah stir the strings of my heart.

And overwhelms it to sing the Nasheeds in praise of The Holy Zikr.


My heart and soul starts to resonate with the applaud for The Book.

O Glorious Quran, O Truth of the Heavens.

You are The Word of Allah.

Most Pure, Most Honourable and Most high.


You are The Book of the Protected Tablet.

Preserved from eternity to eternity from all evil influences.

You are the ocean of Knowledge.

Your Condensed Verses Contain all theknowledge of the creation from beginning to the end, like a seed contains knowledge of a full blossomedtree.


You are the treasure of immense good.

A fountain reservoir of countless blessings and bounties.

You are the Source of immense Wisdom.

The source of heavenly Knowledge and Hikmah to make lives better and to understand the signs of the Allah’s universe.


You are the light of the heavens.

The light that shinesfrom the heart and face ofthe believers.

You are the Book of truth.

The most radiant and luminous book of truth and a sword against falsehood.


You are the Book of justice and order.

The system of justice enshrined in you provides a perfect heavenly order on earth.

Justice you enjoin is available to all and the order you establish is a blessing for all.

You are the Book of manifest description.


The Book with clear and pure speech, fairly understandable.

You are the Furqan.

The criterion to distinguish right from wrong.

You are the Book which Gabriel descended with.

The Book brought down by the archangel Gabriel, the head of the angels, to our Holy Prophet Muhammad S.a.w.


You are the rope of Allah.

The strong rope and tasbih that connects the people with their Lord.

You are the Secret Book.

The book which is preserved in the Book of

Al Lawhi Mahfooz.


You are the Miracle of our glorious Prophet S.a.w.

And the reflection of his eminent character.

You are the narrative of the leader of Imaams.

The title and content of all his sermon speeches.



You are the Book of guidance and light for us.

The best book of guidance to lead a righteous life.

You are the cure for the diseased breasts.

Cure and guidance for those who have wronged their souls.


Reading your verses, hearts tremble with the fear of Allah.

Bearing your verses, mountains turn to dust with fear of Allah.

O Glorious Quran there is much to write in your praise.

You are honoured among the heavenly books as The Mother of Books.


You are The Book of Books.

My words will run out but your praise will remain.

Your attributes are glorified by The Lord, Most High, Himself.


This is but a little endeavour.

Accept my little gratitude and humbleness.

Mixed with tears and untold love.


For being a better guide and strong rope to connect me with My Lord.

Please be my intercessor with my Lord on the Day of Rising.

So that I may have His Mercy and favour in this world and the hereafter.

And let this Nasheed in your praise be my success in both the worlds.


(Author can be mailed at rouf.maqbool@gmail.com)

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