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From last 70 ys nonagenarian Mir Wali runs watermill in G’bal village 
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From last 70 ys nonagenarian Mir Wali runs watermill in G’bal village 

Post by Umar Raina on Monday, October 17, 2022

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In today's modern era where man is surrounded by hi-tech gadgets, people in remote villages of Central kashmir’s Ganderbal district prefer traditional watermills "Aab Gratte" to grind rice, corn, wheat, pepper and other essentials.
Mir Wali, 90, from Syed Basti Surfraw of Central Kashmir's Ganderbal district runs a watermill (Aab Gratte) for the last 70 years in his village.
Wali was 20 when he started working in a traditional watermill. He says his mill suffered massive damage in the 1992 floods but he did not give up and restored the mill in a short time.
He said there are two stones in his mill on top of it is a wooden sack in which corn or wheat is filled. The stone is rotated in a particular way through water. After that, corn or wheat is slowly poured out through the middle of the stones. With the power of water, the stone loses and takes the form of corn or wheat.
His son said he adopted his father's profession and he has been working with his father on this mill for the past several years.
People say in ancient times there were mills in almost every city and village. But with the speed of time, this tradition is fading fast. They say that the legacy should not be abandoned but should be kept alive along with modern gadgets.
In today’s day and age many feel the use of watermills is very little now. However, the legacy should not be sacrificed at the altar of technology as we owe it to future generations.

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