In Celebration of New Year
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In Celebration of New Year

Post by on Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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Come New Year come.

Come like a ray of morning sun breaking the darkness of a murky night.

Scattering and brushing off the clouds of gloom and despair.

Come New Year come.

Come with the everlasting joy and merriment, health and wellbeing for all.

Come with the glad tidings of renewed hope and love for all.

Herald the news of success and glory for the times to follow.

Let each day be a day of light and illumination.

Let no soul remain disheartened and dejected in the times you unfold.

Bring provisions, abundance and joy to every soul.

Let each soul on the earth be set free of misery and hard trials.

Bring a message of enlightenment and wisdom to set free all of the disillusionment of falsehood and ignorance.

Let you bring the rain and showers of mercy and forgiveness from our Lord.

Let each day in you pass like the celebrations and jubilations we do as you come.

Let the new times in you set us all on the path of seeking more knowledge and wisdom about Truth.

We stand firm in our commitment and resolution that this year we shun our past follies and lapses.

And work for a better future for all.

Where good prevails again and falsehood perishes.

Fairness and justice flourishes again and deception and distrustvanishes.

Joy resonates again in abundance and misery departs.

Come New Year come

Come and unfold your goodness to all.

Spread like the fragrance of flowers and touch us all.



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