Illegal encroachments hit Srinagar’s once-pristine Brari Nambal wetland
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Illegal encroachments hit Srinagar’s once-pristine Brari Nambal wetland

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Thursday, April 27, 2023

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Srinagar, April 26: Kashmir's well-known wetland Brari Nambal in Srinagar has been affected due to illegal encroachments posing a threat to the flora and fauna and its pristine glory.
Local residents said that the once pristine wetland and water body has become victim of illegal encroachments and people throw waste it at several places.
Ghulam Muhammad a resident said the once famous wetland has been damaged due to the illegal activities and throwing of silt and waste into it has lost its glory.
“It was clean water body. Even there used to be a large number of fish. There was a Temple inside the wetland and it used to be visited by lot of people during rituals. However, due to illegal encroachments it was affected,” he said.
“Over the years, the government has not paid much attention towards it which has caused its deterioration. Many times we took up the matter with the department but they are not serious for its conservation. Serious efforts are needed to restore its glory,” he said.  
Manzoor Ahmad, another local resident said that the throwing of garbage at the wetland should be stopped and stern action should be taken against such people.
“People should be given awareness about the waste disposal and waste management. The domestic waste generated in the habitations is thrown by the people in it,” he said.
The residents of Brari Nambal said although the government has beautification plans for the wetland they appealed them to stop illegal encroachments and throwing of waste into it.
Vice Chairman, Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA), Dr. Bashir Ahmad said machines remain deployed at the wetland and they are working to disallow any kind of encroachments.
“Regular anti-encroachment drives are carried out wherever the complaints are reported and strict action is taken against the erring persons,” he said. 
A senior official of LCMA said that they have recently taken over the wetland as it was earlier under the control of Srinagar Municipal Corporation,
“We have issued notices to the people who have raised illegal constructions and people have been warned as well. If they don’t remove illegal encroachments we will demolish them,” the official said.
Regarding the already encroachments, the LCMA official also said they will discuss with the Revenue Department and check the building permissions and documents. “We would not allow any kind of illegal construction and we keep monitoring the wetland,” he added.

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