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Ifshana Feroz:Kashmir's first floral chocolate maker

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Sunday, October 16, 2022

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Ifshana Feroz, a resident of Nishat Srinagar, has won many heartsthrough her making of unique floral chocolates and boxes. She is the first floral chocolate maker of Kashmir.

A self taught chocolate maker, Ifshana is currently pursuing MSC through IGNOU. She started making chocolates earlier this year.

“I never knew about the chocolates and how to put in in boxes. I had no idea how to take orders and how to manage it all but when I started, thing started getting easy,” she said adding, she mostly takes orders from Srinagar district.

The 25-year-old chocolate maker said her family has been very helpful since she started the initiative and she also involves them when she gets more work. Her parents support her and believe that she will achieve new heights.

She said she was interested in making recipes when she was 9-year-old. She had seen her mom making some recipe or the other. Back then, when she started, she was struggling with a lot of things but felt comfortable making recipes and working with ingredients. 

“I realized the pictures of my customized floral chocolates were getting a good response from people on Instagram and people who were outside my immediate circle. So I started putting in more time into styling and customizing, and making the chocolates look pretty,” she said.

Ifshana said later she started streamlining her content and started posting more pictures of chocolates on social media.

“I always dreamt of starting my own business. Once I got the opportunity to start my own business I invested my savings that i used to earn from teaching students,” she said.

For Ifshana, making chocolates is magicalas it helps her relax and explore her creativity.Recently she has started making customized chocolates.

Till date, she has been managing it at home. She is known for her uniquely floral customized chocolates, nut stuffed chocolate dates. She plans to open a shop in Srinagar and wants to involve more people. Today she earns around Rs 50,000 a month.  

Ifshana said she wants people not to always keep looking for a government job and develop their skill in some field which is very important in today’s world.

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