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How you take Care of your Body Physically is going to Play a Huge Role on how your Body Preforms Mentally.

Post by on Friday, September 24, 2021

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We take these Components & bring them together to Foster Awareness of Life-Changing Powers Within every Individual
Food Fuels our Bodies and also Impacts how we Perform,Physically & Mentally. Certain Food Chemicals Interact with Mood like;Alcohol,Caffeine,Nicotine & Drugs Interrupt Healthy Chemical Balance within the Brain,While Nutrient Rich Foods can help Control and Cope with certain Mental & Physical Health Symptoms. What we Eat Matters for every Aspect of our Health,but Especially our Mental Health.
Research has shown the Most Support for Two Diets:The Mediterranean Diet which Emphasizes more Healthy Fats & The DASH Diet which Focuses on Reducing Sugar.
Exercise can actually help Reduce the Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety & Movement and Physical Activity Help with the Regulation of Our Emotions and Encourage Growth & Health of Nerve Cells.
Meditation and Breathing Skills ground you in the Present and can help Alleviate Depression & Anxiety Symptoms and allow you to be Mentally Clear and Emotionally Calm.Spirituality is another Element of Mindfulness where Recognising your Morals,Values,Culture and Religion are a Vital Part of Mental Health Recovery.
The most all around Important of the Four Fundamentals of Wellness is Sleep. Healthy Sleep gives your Brain Time to Restore and Rejuvenate so it can Serve at an Optimum Level.Developing a Consistent Sleep Pattern can Relax your Mind and Body and lead to Deep Healthy Sleep.

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