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How to encourage children to make holidays productive?
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How to encourage children to make holidays productive?

Post by on Monday, June 20, 2022

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Holidays in individual’s life play an important role, they are the best time to drop everything and focus on their hobbies. Time to relax, enhance their skills, evaluate their weaknesses are some of the things which are to be undertaken during this course. Moreover, this is not just a time period to sit back with a cup of coffee however a golden opportunity to utilize this period to the fullest by spending time with close ones, creating memories to cherish for entire life. Nevertheless, they can enroll themselves into various activities or specialized training such as art, craft, pottery, learning any computer language etc. 

Children are innocent faces with a broad mind, they should be mentally prepared for taking up challenges and risk with their ideas, through this they will be more active and will develop the ability to think out of box which will help them to overcome several situations.

Students should be motivated to take up challenges and risk with their ideas to keep them updated with surroundings. Creativity requires students to be brave, open-minded and risk-taking. Students should not fear from criticism and must be open for feedback. One should always understand that no one is born with perfect skills, with the passage of time one adapts those qualities. Students should be intentionally put into situations where there are forced to push themselves to innovate techniques and explore. Creativity is a vast concept and hence, ever-changing. Throw questions on the students that they have never answered before in order to ponder upon their thinking skills, these small exercises will provide students a base to foster problem- solving ability.

Students must be open to feedback; feedbacks are essential for anyone who is willing to learn from the previous situations, feedbacks are the most sensitive areas therefore, correct choice of words and delivering them with respect should be followed. Feedbacks are not always negative comments at times, they are positive also so that one does not get disappointed and builds up the mind that people always criticize him/her. Some independent projects should also be initiated in order to highlight students hidden abilities. Small projects such as making a presentation on any general cause, through this one will drive towards the stage wherein his/her ability to think out of box comes into play. 

Therefore, holidays are essential not just for students but also for people working in an organization, it avoids ‘burnout’ stage and enables individuals to work and orient themselves with full-potential.

Personal time allows oneself to be free from everything and just focus on flaws, embrace the glory of life and brings along a rejuvenated person with updated and modified version of oneself.  

Being creative always calls for better opportunity and growth. Hence, no need to fear from ups and downs of life, twists and turns are part of being, remember to overcome hardships by thinking out of the box. 

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