How to cook delicious lotus stem with mutton
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How to cook delicious lotus stem with mutton

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, October 9, 2022

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Today we will help you to prepare Nadur-te-Maaz (Lotos Stem with mutton), which is a famous food recipe in Kashmir.

Ingredients needed

Lotus stem: 1/2 Kg

 Mutton: 1 Kg

Two chopped Onions  

Mustard Oil


Red Chilli powder

Turmeric Powder

Fennel Seed powder

Garlic Paste

Green Cardamom


Cinnamon Sticks

Black Cardamom

Ginger Powder

Cumin seeds

Cooking Process

First, we have to wash Lotus Stem properly and then put them in Presser Cooker along with lukewarm water to cover it fully. Then we have to add Turmeric Power (Half tea Spoon), Garlic Paste (1 Tea Spoon) and add Salt as per your taste and then put it on has stove until one steam.

Similarly, put Mutton in the second presser Cooker along with water and other species including Ginger power (1/2 Tsp), Fennel Seed (1 Tsp), Turmeric (1 Tsp) ) Garlic paste (2 Tsp), Green Cardamom (3 pieces), Cloves (4 pieces) Black Cardamom (1 piece) and cook upto 1 whistle or 50 percent.

After this put Mustard oil in pan and lightly fry the lotus stem. In the second pan, put 1 Tsp Cumin add 1 Tsp Cumin, 2 pieces of Green Cardamom , 2 pieces of Clove, one Black Cardamom, one Cinnamon stick, and mix it with oil. Then add chopped Onions, add salt and fry it.

During the frying of the Onions, add Garlic paste (1 Tsp), after a few minutes add Red Chilli (1 Tsp) and then put the mutton in the pan, after some time add lotus stem to it and add mutton soup in it and steam it up to 2 whistles in presser Cooker.

After a few minutes, you will find the dish ready to eat. Most people in Kashmir enjoy this special dish with warm rice. 

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