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How to be a good father?

Post by on Sunday, June 12, 2022

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A father’s involvement in the children’s upbringing can influence their overall development. Indeed, a father who is more involved in their children’s day-to-day activities helps bring positive changes that shape the child’s life in a way that no one else can.  When you share responsibilities with your spouse and contribute to the child’s growth, education, and well-being, it shows your level of concern and commitment towards your children and family.

So, how to be a good dad to your children? Here is a list of few important things that can help you become a good and responsible father. 


Honour your child’s mother
The best thing a father can do for his child is to respect and honour the child’s mother. This respect and honour provide asafe and an intellectual surrounding for the child. It is immensely important for good parenting to keep the relation’s between wife and husband to be respectful. This environment of respect and honour gives a feeling of safety to your child, even if you are not married you still have to respect the mother of your child.

Give time to your child.
As a father giving time to his children is gesture of their importance to him. If you don’t take out time for your child no matter what you bring them and provide them, they will feel left out. While giving time to your child you might miss out a lot of other activities but the time given to them is not wasted. These sacrifices of yours help you became a great father. The childhood goes too fast, and once gone there is no rewind.

Earn the right to be heard

In most of the cases whenever a child is told that the father wants to talk to him/her, he/she might be afraid because mostly the fathers only talk to there children when they have done something wrong. If you start talking to your child about different things from a younger age you get the right to be heard without any fear in their mind. It helps you have a better conversation with them and you also get to know them better.

Discipline with calmness and love
It’s important for every father to teach disciplines to his son/ daughter but there are correct ways and not only by punishing them. Make them aware of the consequencesand reward them with something for the good behaviour. For a father it a way to show their love for their child.

Be a role model
Fathers are role models to their kids whether they realize it or not.For a daughter a  father sets the goals that how well she deserves to be treated and what are the qualities of a good man. For sons fathers are teachers of how to respect women, they are demonstration of fairness, responsibility, honesty.

Be a guide
A lot of people think someone else has to be the one guiding your child, let’s make it clear enough fathers are best at teaching what is right and wrong. They are great in bring the best of their children out. It is true as it is said that children taught by fathers make good choices.

Spend time together as a family
Sharing a meal together (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), or sitting together can help build better bonds. Apart from the busy schedule in thistime you can talk to your child, give advices, teach them something new. As a family you can grow, know each other better.

Read to your children
It is important to start reading to your child from a younger age, it helps them build a better habit in this era of digital word. It shows your efforts towards your children. Even it helps in improving the skills of your child. If children read from a young age,then when they grow up, they show more interest in reading themselves. It even helps build up a good hobby for the lifetime.

Show devotion
A gesture of affection provides safety to children. It gives them the feeling that they are being loved,accepted,respected and wanted by their family. Father must hug theirchildren to make them feel loved. Parents need to appreciate their children each day. It is the best way to let them know they are loved.

Never ending responsibility

Even after your children are adults or they leave the house or get married, a fathers responsibility is never over. Children still look for their fathers for counselling and advices. Fathers play and important role no matter how grown up your child is, still he/ she will lookup for you in various decisions.

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