Horticulture deptt issues advisory to Apple growers
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Horticulture deptt issues advisory to Apple growers

‘Spray chemicals to avoid scab lesion amidst incessant rains’

Post by on Monday, April 19, 2021

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Srinagar, April 19: Amid incessant rains in valley, the Directorate of Horticulture Kashmir on Monday issued advisory for Apple growers and asked them to use spray of fungicides to avoid scab lesions and other diseases in the crop.

An advisory issued by Deputy Director Horticulture said due to incessant rains several measures are suggested to prevent the further spread of disease in crops.

He said in areas where the apple orchards are at Pink bud stage, spray any one of the following  fungicides which include Zineb 68% + Hexaconazole 4rWP @ 100gm/100 Litres of water; Dodine 65 WP @ 60g/100 Litres of water; Dodine 40SC @ 90ml/100 Litres of water; Fluxapyroxad 250g/1)+Pyraclostrobin (250g/1) 500 SC @ 20ml/100 Litres of water.

He also said that areas where the apple orchards are at Bloom/Petal fall stage, spray any one the following fungicides that include Difenaconazole 25 EC @ 30ml/100 Litres of water; Flusilazole 40EC@20ml/100 litres of water; Trifloxystrobin 25% + Tebuconazole 50uWG@40g/100 litre of water.

While giving key instructions to apple growers, he said spray at bloom stage be conducted if scab lesions are observed and the previous spray has been conducted more than 10 days ago. "Low volume (Mist type) sprayer needs to be used for spraying during bloom", he added.

"In case of heavy rains (within 12 hours of spray) the spray is to be repeated immediately. Stickers (Sandovit@ 50-75ml/100 litre of fungicide suspension) may be added except with Dodine, for better efficacy of fungicides", he also said.

He urged apple growers to ensure proper drainage to avoid water stagnation in the orchards. "Ensure orchard sanitation by destruction of weeds/grasses. Same fungicide should not be repeated continuously in two sprays", he also added

Notably several valley orchardists suffered losses after incessant rains lashed valley during last couple of days.


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