Hope 2023 be a year for change in the economic landscape of Kashmir
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Hope 2023 be a year for change in the economic landscape of Kashmir

Post by RK News on Monday, January 2, 2023

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The foregone year has been a period of peace and opportunities for Kashmir, however given the developments and new initiatives which have taken place on the private and public policy front, business for New Year is expected to gain more momentum. The year 2022 was marked by host of business and economic developments in the country that deserve appreciation. Take the case of primary sector i.e. agriculture, according to official stats, India witnessed a record food grain production of 315.72 million tonnes beating the previous year’s figures of 310.74 million tonnes. J&K UT also witnessed bumper apple and saffron harvest this year bringing happiness among the growers of Kashmir.  Another dominant sector of the UT’s economy that thrived the local business was the Tourism sector. According to official figures, 1.62 crore tourists visited J&K since January 2022. This record breaking tourist footfall is considered highest in the last three decades. For tourism sector the steps that have already been initiated need to be taken forward in 2023 as well. Further, the status of micro, small and medium enterprises in the UT were given a push from the government through timely measures giving them a lease of new life. The year 2023 needs to be devoted to address the UT’S important fields in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. The government must create grounds for investment in infrastructure, power and agriculture and importantly to evolve efficient governance mechanism in areas which need it most.  While the UT’s ethnic composition has predominantly few communities, there are a number of small denominations, sometimes classified under castes and tribes. J&K government is the apex institution of governance in the UT. So while governing, it has to ensure that there is equitable growth and development of all communities and social groups, no matter how small their number is. Empowering the segments of the business community is also the call which is to be responded in 2023. Therefore, efforts should be made to sustain the multicultural and multilingual identity of the UT through holistic development of all the communities. The bygone decade has changed India irrecoverably for the future. Let the administration take cue and resolve to make 2023 as a time that will be remembered for changing the economic landscape of Kashmir.

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