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Homemaker: Unseen, Unsung warrior protecting family 24x7

What is the most difficult job for an individual? It can be going out every single day for work or doing a 9 to 5 job, but we forget there is something more difficult and more stressful; which can’t be even given a title of a “Job” and that is the h

Post by on Monday, May 17, 2021

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Mir Baseerat

What is the most difficult job for an individual? It can be going out every single day for work or doing a 9 to 5 job, but we forget there is something more difficult and more stressful; which can’t be even given a title of a “Job” and that is the homemaker’s work.  

A homemaker’s work is unending. Their whole day is caught up between cleaning, cooking, mopping, taking care of the children and family. Homemaker’s life is an endless whirl of chores.

Keeping on her toes all day long, Covid-19 pandemic apart from bringing uncertainty has also added more to her responsibilities.

Living in a society like Kashmir, where people still believe in togetherness and give preference to be in a joint family these homemakers are burdened with an additional workload of looking after their children, old aged parents and a working husband.

Parveena Akhtar from Brein said despite homemaker’s work being 24/7 is still taunted for doing nothing. “But due to this pandemic my children and husband have finally realized what it takes to be a homemaker.”

“We are always busy with household chores. Kashmiri husbands do not really know how we are managing and what we are investing our time and energy into all day,” Parveena said.

She said her husband is a businessman and used to be away for eight months in a year, while her son was working in UAE and used to come back after a year or two.

“Covid-19 is a total disaster and May Allah protect us from this pandemic. I am happy that my whole family is with me after 6 years, I am finally enjoying good family time,” Parveena said.

There are many homemakers who apart from taking care of their families have also contributed to the society during the pandemic and helped the neighbours and friends in this pandemic.

Vegetables are an important part of a daily diet in Kashmir, so almost every household in Kashmir is concerned about its supplies, freshness and quality and that’s the reason households in Kashmir are involved in kitchen gardening. Kitchen gardens were of great help during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to these homemakers.

Bilquees Mohi-Ud-Din, a resident of Indranagar said she is basically from Budgam and is married off in Srinagar.

“At a young age I was involved in kitchen gardening and used to do it with my grandmother and mother. After getting married I no longer used to engage in the practice, but due to the uncertainties in Kashmir I started kitchen gardening back in 2016,” said Bilquees.

Bilquees said she somehow felt responsible for the people around her and wanted to help them wholeheartedly during these tough times.

“I am not any high level officer but someone like me can also be of some help, I manage my kitchen garden in a good manner and starting March 2020 I started providing vegetables to the people around me, though these vegetables are not much but at least are of some help to the people,” said Bilquees.

She said her kids are grown up and are responsible enough to take care of other family members and that gives her much more time to invest in kitchen gardening.

The specialty about the homemakers is they are good at multitasking. They have been doing it in their homes before and continue during the times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sumaya Ibrahim from Rajbagh said being with kids all day long is a sweet headache.

“Kids do not listen to what we say and are always busy doing whatever they want to but that is what makes them kids and us adults,” Sumaya said. “A single day hasn’t passed since the lockdown started last year when they haven’t created any mess around the house.”

She said she has two children, one is a toddler and the other is school going.

“Both my children are always messing around the house, it is of course nice to hear their chatter, no doubt they make my work more complicated, I have to work more, as I have to clean up after they make the house dirty but I really don’t mind,” Sumaya said.

She said she had quality time with her kids, after she is done with all the household work she spends her evening time with her kids. “I play games with them and narrate stories.”

Families with children at home, especially young ones, need to think of creative ways to keep them occupied.

“Besides keeping my young one occupied, I also have to take care of the online classes of my elder son and help with the assignments, as online classes to younger children is the most challenging thing for a mother,” said Sumaya.

 “Positivity goes a long way. I have a nuclear family and my husband helps me with all the home chores. This is something I am witnessing for the first time in my six years of marriage,” Sumaya said.

Arifa Asad from Illahibagh said it’s a testing time for all of us and it is very important to stay positive and keep anxiety at bay.

“Since Covid-19, we made sure to maintain social distance and took all necessary precautions for all the family members and everything was going well, no doubt the workload was more and my children were finding it very hard to cope with the online classes system,” said Arifa.

Arifa has been a teacher by profession so it was easy for her to tackle the children during their online classes.

“My husband used to help me out with the household chores but unfortunately a few days back he tested positive for Coronavirus,” said Arifa.

She said though the routine is pretty much the same for her, but since her husband tested positive, she feels a bit irritated and stuck.

“Normally, after lunch my whole family used to watch movies together, try making different dishes or sometimes play indoor games, but now we can’t do that,” said Arifa.

She said the whole lockdown period was quite challenging but she is at peace.

 “Though it’s scary, we should take this time very positively, value humanity, and look out for others,” said Arifa.

Arifa said the lockdown period was the only time when all the members of the family shared their good and bad time together.

“Cooking and cleaning was never an issue as we were already used to it, giving individual attention to each and every member of your family, taking care of them and making sure the elders do not catch this deadly virus wasn’t an easy task,” she said.

Homemakers are our superheroes without capes. If you have a superhero in your home, instead of just acknowledging her work, help her in these difficult times so that she doesn’t feel the pressure of handling everything alone.


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