HFC clinches football champions trophy with 1-goal victory over Junior Yadipora Team
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HFC clinches football champions trophy with 1-goal victory over Junior Yadipora Team

Post by RK News on Monday, August 14, 2023

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Hyderbeigh, August 13: In an exciting finale, the Hyderbeigh Football Club emerged triumphant as they secured a 1-goal victory against the Junior Yadipora Team in the Champions Trophy finals played on Sunday. The enthralling match unfolded at the Hyderbeigh Cricket Ground and drew a significant audience of spectators who witnessed the exhilarating clash.
On this memorable occasion, Sarpanch Raja Begum extended her admiration to both competing teams, acknowledging their dedication and performance on the field. She also highlighted the efforts being undertaken to enhance the playing conditions at the ground, ensuring a better environment for future matches.
The event garnered the presence of esteemed individuals from the village, including Haji Abul Ahad Yattoo, Farooq Ahmad Lone, Farooq Ahmad Yattoo, Bashir Ahmad Hurra, Bashir Ahmad Wani, Fayaz Yattoo, Mohammad Altaf Yattoo, Ghulam Nabi Dilnawaz, Mohammad Arif Yattoo, Aijaz Ahmad Parray, Ghulam Nabi Lone, Mohammad Athar Jameel Yattoo, Rameez Ahmad Yattoo, Maqbool Raja, Mohammad Maqbool Tantary (Joti).Their attendance underlined the community's strong support for local sports and its emerging talents.
As the sun set on the day's exciting competition, the winners and runners-up were honored with prizes, celebrating their skill and commitment in the tournament. 
The event not only showcased the athletic prowess of the teams but also emphasized the camaraderie and unity within the village, where sports act as a unifying force.
In a collective appeal, villagers have requested the Baramulla administration to consider extending the existing ground, as it is deemed inadequate for accommodating children's activities. Additionally, they have urged authorities to address the issue of encroachment on state land within the vicinity.
They expressed their concerns about the limited space available for children's recreation and sports. Villagers emphasized the necessity of an expanded ground to cater to the needs of the young ones. The current size of the ground has been deemed insufficient to meet the growing demand for recreational facilities.
They highlighted the importance of addressing the encroachment issue that has encumbered state-owned land. Their request reflects the community's commitment to preserving public resources and maintaining rightful land ownership.