Helping Hand's Foundation offers hope to unmarried individuals with mass marriage initiative
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Helping Hand's Foundation offers hope to unmarried individuals with mass marriage initiative

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Friday, June 16, 2023

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Srinagar, June 15: A groundbreaking mass marriage ceremony took place at Babdamb Khanyar in Srinagar, where 61 couples from various districts of the valley came together to exchange vows. The event was organized by the local non-governmental organization (NGO) known as The Helping Hand's Foundation, with the primary goal of making marriage ceremonies more affordable and advocating for simpler weddings.
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, a member of the NGO emphasized the growing influence of extravagant traditions in modern society, rendering marriages financially out of reach for many individuals. Consequently, women in their thirties and forties often struggle to find suitable partners due to the burdensome customs and expenses associated with weddings. The mass marriage ceremony organized by the NGO aims to spread a positive message and provide a solution for those facing financial constraints.
Another member shed light on the predicament faced by thousands of girls who have surpassed the conventional marriage age but still struggle to find compatible life partners due to the exorbitant costs involved. The NGO assists couples by verifying their credentials and facilitating their marriage arrangements. The focus is on promoting simple Nikkah ceremonies while discouraging the practice of dowry and other costly rituals that burden underprivileged families.
The organizers called upon affluent individuals to reconsider their excessive spending on weddings and instead empathize with the plight of their less fortunate neighbors. They underscored the importance of fostering a caring society that looks out for its impoverished members and relatives.
These mass marriages are a welcome response to the challenges faced by parents who struggle to marry off their children due to financial constraints related to dowries and extravagant ceremonies. The simplicity of these marriages also aligns with the principles encouraged by Islam.
The President of the Helping Hand's Foundation highlighted the crucial role played by donations from individuals who contribute various items to support the couples. The NGO carefully verifies the credentials of those seeking assistance and provides aid accordingly.
The initiative has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, with couples forming their own partnerships and turning to the NGO for support in organizing their weddings. The Helping Hand's Foundation plays a pivotal role in ensuring proper verification and offering assistance to couples in need.
In a society where expensive weddings and dowries continue to burden numerous families, the sample mass marriage ceremony shines as a beacon of hope. It advocates for simplicity and affordability while addressing the concerns of underprivileged individuals, offering a promising path toward a brighter future.

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