Heart health: Ideal Exercise for heart health
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Heart health: Ideal Exercise for heart health

Post by on Friday, July 16, 2021

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1. 10,000 steps / day of walking

2. Moderate exercise – achieving 50-70% of maximum predicted heart rate (Maximum heart rate is calculated as 220 – Age)

3. Exercise 30 minutes / day 5 times a week or 150 minutes / week

4. Isotonic exercise is good like walking, slow jogging, biking, swimming, hiking or light dancing; but in addition also opt for some stretching exercise and some weight bearing exercises.

5. Yoga is a good comprehensive exercise involving isotonic, weight bearing, stretching, co-ordination and balancing activities. It can be done 1-2 times / week, a session of 45-60 minutes or so.  6. Stay hydrated during exercise

7. Be mindful of extreme weather conditions: Extreme hot, cold or humid conditions should be avoided.

Dr. Sundeep Mishra, 

Prof of Cardiology, AIIMS New Delhi

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