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Health and wellness

Post by RK News on Monday, July 31, 2023

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The advances in research and technology have revolutionized every field of human endeavor in the 21st century.  Many experts are of the opinion that human race in general is marching towards technological superhighway. The present modern society is much more advanced than before in terms of technological innovations and discoveries. Over the years, not only has science and technology impacted our lives, but also the medicinal science received a fillip. There are diseases which were once considered incurable, are now curable. Tuberculosis, a contagious disease and deadly till middle of 20th century, is now curable. However this advancement in treating diseases never deters the surfacing of new diseases. The diseases like diabetics, depression, anxiety and obesity are the latest that are creating havoc with human life in general. All these diseases in one or the other way are related with changing life styles.  As per medical experts the cases of life style diseases are showing a gradual increase among the young generation in the valley. The way we are adapting ourselves to new trends and modes of living, these kinds of diseases or health ailments are bound to increase. Known to all is that abnormal increase in the weight of a person is due to the excessive fat accumulation in the body. The person who is suffering from this physical disorder is prone to many other health hazards which include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even to cancer. Earlier this disorder was considered to be a special ‘privilege’ of people in the higher strata of the society who usually eat more and work less. However, in present times this perception is fading away as the disease is prevalent across all the sections of society. The situation is disturbing as the prime target is youngsters who are on the path of attaining maturity.  Medical experts believe that there are rapid changes which are taking place in our eating habits and life style. Life as such is witnessing changes which directly and indirectly influence our health. People at large need to become more health conscious otherwise we are bound to face many health issues in future. There is a dire need to inform the people about the ill effects of unhealthy habits and other health risks that are keeping us away from living a healthy life.

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