Harvesting Wisdom: Life Lessons from Autumn
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Harvesting Wisdom: Life Lessons from Autumn

Autumn follows summer and composes the third season of the year. It is a season of colors when nature changes its color from green to crimson and golden

Post by ZEESHAN RASOOL KHAN on Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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Humans are refined animals. They possess cognitive abilities that separate them from the rest of living creatures. Self-analysis, imagination, and abstract thinking are some attributes that place a human at the top. However, in present times we have focused these abilities on materialism, which has stripped us of happiness. If such abilities are used perfectly then even our nature has many lessons for us to that propitiously can help us to propel through the challenges of life, and also to understand life and living. Nature is a creative and wise coach that offers insights in subtle ways. With extended attention, we can learn much if we look at the seasonal cycle only. As summer is gone, autumn has arrived, which extends between the end of September to mid-November, let us explore its nature and undertones.


 Autumn follows summer and composes the third season of the year. It is a season of colors when nature changes its color from green to crimson and golden. Most of the trees shed their fully blossomed leaves – The season of ‘fall’. These leaves carpet the earth and present a picturesque view. A soothing melody fills the air as rustling autumn leaves fall and walking on them is cherished by all, exclusively children. The air smells and feels different, which is breezy. Dew droplets’ shining on leaves as sun rays kiss them bewitches.  Autumn, locally known as Harud is a season of harvest. It is a season when the hard work of farmers pays off. Farmers harvest the paddy, pile it up, thrash it, and store it for future use. Likewise, Apple and saffron growers reap the harvest of their labor. All this makes this season significant. With all these obvious transitions, autumn carries certain valuable life lessons, which ought to be imbibed.


Embrace the Change

Embracing change means accepting that you can’t control everything. For most of us, change is terrifying – especially when we begin to grow older. But, change is also inevitable. We cannot undo the change that usually arrives uninvited. Rather, we need to open doors for it and learn to embrace it. Autumn comes up with this message that change is a natural process, which even nature achieves effortlessly, thus humans, as part of nature, must embrace it.


 Accepting vicissitudes of life

Autumn reminds us that nothing is everlasting and change – whether good or bad, is inescapable. All that we need is to be receptive. Neither good times last for long, nor do bad times persist forever. If you are happy today, tomorrow grief may touch your threshold and vice-versa. If today nothing is going your way, tomorrow will set everything right. Once we accept the fact that change is natural, we can gear up for it and be prepared to face it in better ways.



Letting go

We yearn to be skillful and master everything. But, never try to learn the art of letting go, which has much to do with our tranquillity. As autumnal fall occurs, it tells us that anything that serves you no purpose instead is a kind burden for you should let go. As we hold on to our gruesome past, and painful memories, and harbor grudges against those, who have wronged us, we inflict more suffering on ourselves. Autumnal vibes encourage us to flow and let go of situations, people, and things that weigh us down.


Sense of Appreciation

Human nature has undergone tremendous transmutations. We value things once we lose them. We assume once we need something it will be there and in this manner, we are not appreciative. However, autumn has something to say. After trees lose their leaves, laying their branches bare and rendering them charmless, we realize their importance. This urges that everything around you also has value and must be appreciated. Opulent life, good health, amusing friends, caring parents, and other comforts, should not be taken for granted. We must realize their worth before they vanish.


Reflect on your actions

When leaves change color and fall, they die. But, before that, they serve the tree to their best – doing the job of mother, chef, scavenger, and more. It compels us to reflect on whether we are giving our best or contributing favouringly before we leave this planet.


Let’s try to absorb these fine and indirect messages that the season of fall provides us for our best interests.



(Author is a Tutor, Columnist, and Co-author of Book #55_Stories. He can be reached at: mohdzeeshan605@gmail.com)

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