Happy New Year 2023
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Happy New Year 2023

Start making a to-do-list with the 2023 and follow it religiously, if a day turns against it then follow it next day, remember, you are only a day away than weeks and months until it becomes habit

Post by MUFTI JAMEEL FAROOQ on Sunday, January 1, 2023

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As I am compiling the resolution for 2023, I do not need the fancy quotes or flowery words to start with, rather the knowledge that I have accumulated after many sleepless nights from books and the experience of years from a good lot of people and friends whose disciple I have not only adored  religiously but also followed like a cult, the resolution that I am pen locking in this write-up shall help you to become not only a good person for others rather, my primary aim and  objective is; that this must help you for your well-being and for your growth.


I am a staunch believer that a man who is not good to himself cannot be good to others as action and application speak volumes than the books you have read or the knowledge you have hoarded via experience or by other means.  However, I habitually, come across a ‘Kashmiri saying, ‘mei chuni yethai mas safeed kormut’ ( I  have a good experience of situations) , the above quote I  have every time felt  is a fallacious in nature; since the age of a person has nothing to do with maturity --- Recalling an article of Dr Ishrat Matoo,  where she had  taken a sound jibe on elderly people in 2008,  while suggesting that a young girl should only sit with a young man in the bus than an age old and elderly man-- for her friend might had  a bad experience.


To stretch it bit further, my mind recalls an essay written by professor Mohideen Hajini, translated by Dr Ameen Parray, can Idealism be inculcated among college students, where Hajani, categorically denies and argues that we are expecting more from a college teacher who is being hired for his professional skills rather than on ideal values or on Plato’s utopian concepts which he discuss in detail in his Republic. Hajini, in his essay cites many examples in his premises that a teacher who teaches CHEMISTRY  for that matter or MATHS  never comes across in his entire life word like idealism, so, a society excepts more from him than he is capable of which doubtlessly surges an unnecessary burden on him which can  be lethal and unproductive.


The readers, might be conjecturing why am I incorporating thoughts of said writers in this article when the aims and objectives of this write-up stands something different, let I tell you, the intention is vibrant and clear, for the worshiping deities that society as unit has projected or is projecting before you is phony and bogus and the metrics, with which the society measures a person is nothing than a mirage and illusion, which with the passage of time you will understand after the blind is pulled off.   An I.A. S officer or likewise public servants are hired for their respective skills than the paragon of perfection or being godly figures that society often tells us, means, professors have to have a good command in their respective subjects and is necessary, but expecting all of them, a helping hand, godly, with moral integrity merely means expecting every child of a mother the same and similar-- when they are born with diverse horoscope with different terrot- cards and astrological signs.



So, the first and foremost thing one must do is to erase from the memory the images of those godly figures from mindsets, be that of religious clerks, preachers and other saintly figures. People must update their mind with the holy book, Al-Quran and the saying and actions of prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) which will act as a parameter to judge the actions and activities of those godly projected people whose vice acts as a beautiful virtue, for one must have a sieve in his/her mind to filter what is  erroneous and accurate after all a man is yet a ‘bashar’( erroneous- being)  no matter what the position and post he shall be holding or the designation relishing.


In 2023, the resolution is unpretentious and meek, make Allah the priority, make the prophet Mohammad (SAW) as role model and Al-Quran the book of guidance then you shall never turn broody or never shall taste the failure, and accept we have to die one day that may be nearer or far but the time available has to be used meticulously and diligently as once it is passed its gone forever. 


Do self-introspection, SWOT analysis that the time you use on Social-media or on phone is fruitful or futile? Start  making a to-do-list with the 2023 and follow it religiously, if a day turns against it then follow it next day, remember, you are only a day away than weeks and months until it becomes habit--- And what’s a habit but  a repetition of continuous activities, make big goals into small chunks as Rome was not built a day, hark back, the things you do every day will yield something fatal or grand--- A day’s smoking wont effect your lungs the same way a day’s hard work won’t make you a successful person, for you don’t become spoilt-brat in a day nor a millionaire. HAPPY NEW YEAR-2023….!


( Author is RK Columnist and can be reached on: mufti.jameel97@gmail.com)  

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