Halt of violence, improved security under PM Modi: LG Sinha
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Halt of violence, improved security under PM Modi: LG Sinha

•      Over 3000 job vacancies fulfilled in past 4 years •       UT ready for elections •      Land to be reserved for domiciles 

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Monday, July 24, 2023

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Srinagar, July 22:  Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha lauded the transformation of Jammu and Kashmir under the leadership of Prime Minister NarendraModiand highlighted significant developments in the region, including the complete halt of street violence and bandh calls supported by Pakistan.
In an exclusive interview with Doordarshan, the Lieutenant Governor said that since the historic decision to abrogate Article 370 on August 5, 2019, the security situation has improved, leading to a peaceful atmosphere in the region. LG Sinha emphasized that common citizens now enjoy more freedom, and life is more normal, with shops staying open until late at night and people, including children, safely walking along Dal Lake in the evenings.
One of the major achievements in the past four years has been the initiation of crucial infrastructure projects. These include two AIIMS, two Cancer Institutes, new Medical Colleges, IITs, IIMs, NIFT, and other educational institutions. Additionally, highways and tunnels worth 1.5 lakh croreand other projects of PMDP funds have been approved for the development of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Lt. Governor stressed that transparency and people-oriented governance were at the core of their efforts, winning the trust of the people. The focus on development and peaceful atmosphere has resulted in the common citizens' active participation in government works, benefiting the economy and curbing the influence of separatist leaders.
Lieutenant Governor praised the Union Territory's (UT) remarkable progress in various sectors, emphasizing transparency and efficient governance. He asserted that Jammu and Kashmir is leading the way in e-governance with over 450 services accessible online. The full implementation of the Public Service Guarantee Act has ensured that citizens can easily avail themselves of government benefits.
The LG also highlighted the significant increase in the pace of developmental work, with more than ten times the number of projects being completed annually. The successful implementation of the Panchayat Raj system has led to the identification of over 35,000 works in collaboration with PRI members, enhancing local participation.
In an unprecedented achievement, Jammu and Kashmir hosted the G20 tourism working group committee in Srinagar, attracting international participants and boosting foreign tourist arrivals. LG Sinha expressed his optimism for a promising future in the region, noting the positive response from the people.
“Most of the G20 members came to Kashmir to take part in the event. With these efforts, the foreign (international tourism) arrival influx has increased now. We have never seen such a change in the past 35 years,” he said.
Addressing the issue of land rights, the LG assured that agricultural land in the UT is exclusively reserved for its domiciles, safeguarding their interests and preventing external purchases. He commended the new industrial policy, which has attracted significant investment proposals, surpassing 80,000 Crores, and is expected to create substantial employment opportunities for the youth.
LG Sinha said like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, the people of Jammu and Kashmir too have their land rights on agricultural land.
 “Nobody can purchase agricultural land in the UT except its domiciles and this protection has been given to people,” he said.
On the other side, from 1947 to 2021, there were some 13,000-14,000 crore Industrial investment and now with the efforts of the central government a new industrial policy came in 2021, he said.
“For construction of major industrial units like hospitals, hotels, medical colleges and other major institutions land will be given and people have welcomed this move,” LG Sinha said.
“I am confident that at least 75000crore industrial investment will come in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said, adding that it will increase employment opportunities in the UT.
Speaking about employment, LG Sinha revealed that around 30,000 government jobs have been filled in the last three years. With the influx of industrial investments, an estimated 5 lakh jobs are expected to be generated. The administration has also launched initiatives to promote self-employment among the youth and women, connecting around 6 lakh women through self-help groups.
Regarding housing schemes, more than 1 lakh houses have been approved under the PradhanMantriAwasYojana (PMAY). Furthermore, the UT administration has taken steps to provide government land to eligible beneficiaries of PMAY, thus ensuring housing for thousands of families.
LG Sinha said although there are same laws in other states and J&K was not having such laws and we formed a law in this regard.
“As many as 2711 eligible families of PMAY were given 5 marlas of land. For SC, and ST communities around 47000 houses will be build. In which 40000 houses are for tribals and bakerwals have no land at all. According to figures, there are 8000 such families that have no land and eligible under PMAY. Now we are giving them land too,” he said.
LG Sinha said “everything should not be seen through the eyes of politics.  I can understand that some people were thinking that government land, state property was for them and their own people”.
“They should also understand that time has changed now, PM Modihas worked for the poor and the youth of the country,” he said.
LG Sinha also emphasized the government's commitment to addressing the grievances of Kashmiri Pandits, providing jobs and housing to the migrant community. He assured that various schemes for their welfare are in the pipeline, fostering a peaceful atmosphere in the region.
He said that under the guidance of PM Modi, two packages were provided to the migrant community.
“Firstly 3000 jobs and 3000 houses and then again 3000 jobs and 300 houses. These vacancies were not filled for a long time and it was well planned conspiracy to keep Kashmiri Pandits away from government jobs ,” he said.
“The UT administration filled these 6000 vacancies ,’’ he added.
“As many as 1700-1800 houses are completed and 500-600 will be completed by the end of this year,” he said adding that houses are being allotted also to some hundred families,” he said.
On the issue of narco-terrorism, the LG asserted that the administration is making relentless efforts to eradicate this menace and maintain a safe environment.
About revival of film tourism, LG SinhaHe also highlighted the revival of film tourism in the region, with the reopening of cinemas and increased film shooting in Kashmir, promoting tourism and showcasing its natural beauty.
“The ecosystem of terror targeted cinemas in Kashmir and closed them. We have open first cinema in Srinagar and second one is coming up soon. At the government level also, various cinemas have been opened in every district,” he said.
Regarding termination of employees, he said that if some person is danger for the state or doing any anti national activities, UT administration has used the powers of constitution to remove it and will continue to use it.
On the conduct of elections, LG Sinha reiterated that the Election Commission will decide the appropriate time, emphasizing that the delimitation exercise has been completed.
“Whenever election commission will decide elections in J&K. We are ready for the same. Some people are doing politics on the same. The Home Minister has promised in the parliament that delimitation first and second elections,” he said adding that some people will not understand it.
Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor celebrated the success of the AmarnathYatra and the active participation of both locals and visitors in the religious pilgrimage. He praised the youth for choosing laptops over stones and expressed hope that the new generation would bring positive change and contribute to the progress of Jammu and Kashmir.
 “There are challenges at every place, from building roads at 18000 feet, electricity, accommodation, sanitation etc. It is proud moment that in 21 days, 3-20 lakh Yatris visited holy cave and it is more than last year,” he said.