Habbakadal bridge set to become charming pedestrian oasis
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Habbakadal bridge set to become charming pedestrian oasis

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Sunday, September 3, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 02: The city of Srinagar is getting a makeover as part of the Smart City project, with the iconic Habbakadal Bridge being transformed into a beautiful destination for its residents.
The CEO of the Smart City Project, Ather Amir Khan, highlighted the success of the Zero Bridge in Rajbagh, which has become a popular spot for the people of Srinagar. Inspired by this, the Habbakadal Bridge is now undergoing a redesign.
The Habbakadal footbridge is set to undergo a significant transformation. It will be designed to provide ample sitting spaces, gazebos, and kiosks for people to enjoy. Importantly, no cars will be allowed on the bridge, making it exclusively for pedestrians. This development aims to create a serene and attractive space for the citizens of the old city to spend their evenings.
The Zero Bridge at Rajbagh has already set a precedent for such transformations, becoming one of the most visited public spaces in Srinagar. The Habbakadal Bridge is following in its footsteps and will soon offer similar opportunities for residents and visitors to relax and socialize.
The project is part of the Srinagar Smart City initiative, which seeks to modernize and enhance the quality of life in the city. By converting the Habbakadal Bridge into a pedestrian-friendly public space, the Smart City Project aims to revitalize the old city area and provide a safe and pleasant environment for leisure and recreation.
“Residents of Srinagar can look forward to a rejuvenated Habbakadal Bridge, which will not only serve as a means of crossing the river but also as a scenic spot where they can unwind and connect with the beauty of their city,” Athar said.

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