Gurez Girl's Journey of Art and Ambition
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Gurez Girl's Journey of Art and Ambition

Post by Shafat Malik on Sunday, November 19, 2023

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An emerging artist from gurez valley of North Kashmir's Bandipora district is etching her name onto the canvas of recognition.
Safiya Masood, a trailblazer in the world of visual arts, who, from a tender age, has been capturing the beauty and fragrance of her homeland with strokes of genius.
Safiya's embarked on her artistic journey in the 5th grade, during which she not only participated but excelled in local competitions. For her, art transcends mere talent; it's an immersive journey.
Safiya said sketching and painting became her medium of expression, a way to articulate the unique allure of Gurez Valley. 
She clinched the 2nd position in the Sketch Making Competition organized by JKSC, securing the coveted Best Sketch Award.
The District Bandipora Administration provided the stage for Safiya to claim the 1st position in a painting competition, highlighting her ability to translate the essence of her surroundings onto canvas. 
Recently, she added another feather to her cap by securing the 2nd position in a painting competition organized by Kashmir Convener.
As Safiya currently dedicates her time to preparing for the NEET entrance exam, her passion for art remains unwavering. In her own words, "The first writing of human beings is drawing, not writing. There is nothing as delightful as drawing." This dual pursuit of art and medicine reflects her commitment to a future where creativity and healing coexist.
Grateful for this support, Safiya extends her heartfelt gratitude to her parents and her guiding cousin, acknowledging their role as her pillars of strength.
Balancing the pursuit of a medical career with her passion for art, Safiya continues to illuminate the Gurez Valley with her brush, creating a legacy that extends beyond the canvas.

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