Guide the society towards common good and well being
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Guide the society towards common good and well being

Post by RK News on Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Every now and then, some serious health related issues among young generation come to fore in our valley. Not only have the valley's youth been falling victim to drug addiction, but there has also been an abnormal appetite among teenagers for fast foods, which according to health experts, is wreaking havoc on their wellbeing. Unfortunately, in the recent years Kashmiri youth, both young boys and girls, have been addicted to drug abuse and other social evils. Furthermore, the majority of young men are addicted to smoking causing a serious threat to their health and well being. In addition, there has been a dramatic increase in suicides in Kashmir, as well as an increase in substance abuse. These trends are concerning, as medical experts believe that the number of cases are gradually increasing. The way changes are occurring in our living styles and in our way of thinking, these things should not be surprising to us. As a matter of fact, the way we're adapting to new trends and ways of life, these diseases and health problems are only going to get from bad to worse. The situation is alarming because the main target is youngsters who are on the verge of adulthood. What are the reasons for this upsurge in these unhealthy trends? Why our society is caught up in those diseases which were unknown two decades ago? Experts agree that there are drastic shifts in our eating patterns and lifestyles, as well as an uncontrollable tendency to mimic other cultures. Similarly, the surveys and findings conducted by many sociologists in Kashmir have come up with equally disturbing revelations. Life as such is witnessing changes which directly and indirectly influence our health. Our young generation is becoming go-getters with each passing day and is madly in love with junk food and other packed food items that are the main source of unhealthy trends. One of the reasons that young people eat so many of these unhealthy foods is the way media is used to popularize them. If appropriate and urgent measures to resolve these health issues are not taken, we will inevitably face major challenges in the future. Health professionals must educate the public about the risks of smoking, drug abuse, and suicides on a broader scale. It is the responsibility of all the responsible citizens of our valley to guide the society towards common good and well being.







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