Gruesome Murder
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Gruesome Murder

Post by RK News on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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In an extremely shocking incident, a 30 year old woman was brutally murdered and her body was chopped into pieces by a man in Budgam District. In that regard police has arrested the accused and registered a murder case and investigation is going on. According to police, after sustained interrogation the accused has confessed to this heinous crime. This incident has sent shock waves all across the valley. Such acts, as their nature says, are serious crimes and need to be dealt with in proper way. As these incidents also happen to be crime and violence against women, the government has to take extra measures to ensure safety of women. From incidents like street harassment to crimes of serious nature, we have heard countless complaints. Though a dreadful crime like this one has appalled the people in valley, still many opine that it is one-off incident and sweep the issue under the rug. Government and the authorities who are meant to ensure safety of citizens, particularly women, also seem to be suffering from the disorder – all is well. While there is some consensus on substantial number of cases of crime against women, what is unfortunate is the missing action or deterrent that should have been in place. Many experts are of the opinion that laws relating crime against women need to be strengthened or additional measures/mechanisms to fight these crimes should be taken. In preventive measures that can increase deterrent value.  Also, J&K administration can take clues from other states and cities. Although there is an exclusive helpline for women and an efficient team to respond to distress calls set up by J&K Police, however, dedicated helpline would not be enough if distress calls are not received and timely action taken.  Also, by increasing the number of control room vans (PCR vans), the overall security can be improved. Relying on policing alone won’t get rid of these problems. Social institutions too have to chip in and come up with suggestions and measures to stop crime and violence against women.  It needs a collective enterprise on part of government, people and religious institutions if the situation has to be saved from further deterioration. The gruesome murder of Budgam women can act as a litmus test not only for Kashmiri society but for the whole administration. If administration shows any kind of lenient attitude in dealing with the case it can set a disastrous example.     


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