Grand Warriors Academy won 10 medals in Pencak Silat Championship
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Grand Warriors Academy won 10 medals in Pencak Silat Championship

Post by RK News on Monday, June 19, 2023

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Srinagar, June 19: Grand Warriors Academy of Martial Arts won ten medals in various categories at the district Srinagar Pencak Silat championship 2023, which attracted more than 790 athletes from various clubs and schools from Srinagar.
Two days district Pencak Silat championship was held at Indoor Sports Hall Polo ground, Srinagar from 17th to 18th June 2023. The event was organized by District Srinagar Pencak Silat Association in collaboration with Pencak Silat Association of J&K under the aegis of J&K Sports Council.
Grand Warriors coach Adil Hussain said, “Day by day, our Students are securing more medals, and my goal is to get more and more youth involved in sports because drug use is rising quickly, especially among youth. Allowing young young ones and others to engage in sporting events is important for their health and physical development. If they like, they can also pursue careers in sports. It adds happiness into one's life and makes learning enjoyable. When one is happy and healthy, it is relatively simple to concentrate on studies and attain brilliance. It might be stated that playing sports helps to calm, focus, and orient your mind, giving it the leverage it needs. Along with the psychological benefits, participating in sports is also good for your physical health.
“Without the support of Mr. Rouf, the academy's president, it was not possible to attain success. We have been very appreciative to him for giving us the room to teach martial arts in L. P. School, he added”.
The Grand Warriors who won medals in district Srinagar Pencak Silat championship include Rizwan Mukhtar, Shahid Hilal, Adnan Ali and Naveed Mukhtar who bagged the gold medals, Mir Amaar Mudasir, and Shakir Hussain took the silver medal, while as Hassen Mushtaq, Farzan Ahmed, Sameem Khan and Adil Hussain won the bronze medal.

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