Govt firm on eliminating terrorism in J&K: LG
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Govt firm on eliminating terrorism in J&K: LG

Strict action being taken as per constitution 360-degree security mechanism has been strengthened in Jammu Div

Post by Arvind Sharma on Monday, August 21, 2023

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JAMMU, Aug 20 Reiterating his government's unwavering determination to eliminate terrorism and its associated network within the region, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha stressed that those involved in any way with the terror ecosystem will face consequences for their actions.
Speaking to the media during the launch of the Green Jammu and Kashmir campaign at IIM Jammu, Sinha underscored the constitutional provision that necessitates strict action against those posing a threat to the nation's integrity. This statement holds significant importance, especially following the termination of J&K Bank's Chief Manager, Sajad Bazaz, due to his alleged involvement with terrorism and its ecosystem. The move by the bank serves as a clear message that individuals tied to the terror network will not be spared.
Sinha emphasized that the government's actions against individuals associated with the terror ecosystem are based on concrete evidence and in accordance with the constitution. He reiterated that the government's highest priority is to take severe measures against those who have benefited from government employment through illicit means or connections to the terror network. Sinha assured that the government is actively pursuing such cases and will act firmly once evidence is established.
“This is government’s topmost priority to take action against those who have been part of terror ecosystem and enjoyed government jobs through backdoor or illegal means,” the LG said, adding, “We will take strict action against such people as and when we get evidence”.
Sinha added, “The one who has been dismissed was also very much part of the terror ecosystem, while referring to Sajjad Bajaj”. 
“It doesn’t matter who says what, we are taking action which the constitution allows us and it is on the basis of evidence”.
Referring to the terrorism in the Rajouri and Poonch regions, Sinha said a comprehensive "360 degree approach" has been taken by security forces to eradicate terrorism and its ecosystem, similar to the strategy successfully employed in Kashmir.
Regarding the public outcry over smart meters in Jammu, Sinha assured that the government will not take any actions that compromise the interests of the people in J&K. He asserted that individuals with sufficient means must pay their power bills, while the government will make provisions for those in need in due course. Sinha highlighted that the administration had procured power worth Rs 20,000 crore over the past few years, emphasizing the importance of financial responsibility in power consumption.

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