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Good response from customers leads Lyka Khan to further her home baking business

Post by on Sunday, July 10, 2022

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Srinagar, July 8: Hailing from the Jawahar Nagar area of Srinagar, Lyka Khan (22) is a self-taught home baker and running her online business with the name ‘Bake and Take by Lyka Khan.’

Passion is a bit hard to define for Lyka Kahan but, any one of us can recognize it once we find our true calling she found in the year 2020.

"I set up my bakery business at a very young age and had done bachelor's in Business Administration," she told Rising Kashmir. She said I was very passionate about baking since childhood and started baking in 2017.

Khan said “Firstly I started baking cakes for my friends and family. I always got positive feedback from them which encouraged me further to start my venture.”

In starting, I received very few orders as every venture receives a response but with time I started receivinga bulk of requests for cakes from outside of my family, friends and others that finally struck me how I can turn my passion into an earning venture.

I am a home baker and I have no physical outlet as I take orders online on my Instagram and WhatsApp. "Posting pictures of my baked cakes got me a lot of orders", she said.

“I have been baking cakes in all shapes and flavours. I take custom orders as well making pictures for birthday cakes and make the very flavour", she added.

Talking about her achievements, she said “In the year 2022 I introduced chandelier cakes which in itself is a big achievement. My unique way of baking has got me recognition and people have appreciated my work, both for taste and design.”

This motivates me and I am never too tired and nothing about what I do seems tedious. This whole experience has been amazing. The message given to the youth is that “As long as you’ve got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life.”

Talking about the challenges she had gone through, Khan said “Every business has its struggles and mine was no different. When I started all I knew was to bake, had no idea about marketing, sales etc. To be honest when I started, to my surprise, I started getting orders instantly but then August 05, 2019, happened and it was me and my baking machine talking to each other. It was a difficult time as with no internet my business just came to halt.

I used this time to hone my skills even further to make sure that I am double-ready for the market when it opens. I also learned about social media marketing etc. during the period. I can describe it as an intense feeling towards something. It is enough to like what you do for a living to make the hours fly by, unnoticed.

All of this was initially really difficult for me and I can say that it wasn’t a cakewalk, literally. I always received a good response from my client and this thing motivated me to give better to my clients. I am blessed to have a good clientage.

 “I believe that when you get appreciated with work and it takes you in the right direction as well as when you’re passionate about your work, every goal is more easily achieved.” Lyka further added.


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