GM Srinagar Smart City assures resolution of waterlogging woes: smart city buses to ply soon
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GM Srinagar Smart City assures resolution of waterlogging woes: smart city buses to ply soon

Post by Sadiya Arshad Wani on Friday, July 28, 2023

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Srinagar, July 27: Anuj Kumar, General Manager of Planning and Urban Development in Srinagar, addressed the pressing issue of waterlogging in the Smart City, assuring residents that the problem would be resolved with the completion of ongoing smart city projects.
Kumar explained that the city's drainage systems are designed to handle a specific capacity of rainfall. However, recent cases of waterlogging were not due to faulty drainage systems but rather attributed to power failures at the pumping stations. He clarified that the drainage systems, when operational, effectively direct the water towards the pumping stations and into the nearest water body, mitigating waterlogging issues.
"Once the pumping stations were restarted after a power shutdown yesterday," he stated, "standing water disappeared within half an hour to an hour, despite continuous heavy rainfall throughout the night. We have recently renewed the drainage system on MA Road, and there were no instances of waterlogging there."
Regarding the specific concern of Polo View, which recently made headlines due to waterlogging, Kumar assured that water flow was as intended, towards Residency Road and MA Road. He emphasized that the water on Residency Road was promptly cleared once the pumping stations resumed operation.
Providing hope for residents, Kumar announced that the smart city projects were progressing well, with most of them at 70-80% completion currently. He projected the completion of all projects by June 2024, with gradual completions starting from December 2023. Only a few projects are currently at 40% completion.
In an additional development, the General Manager revealed that smart city buses would begin plying in the city within 2-3 weeks, offering a more efficient and convenient transportation option for the residents.
The recent heavy rains and their aftermath have been causing distress for Srinagar's Smart City residents, leading to waterlogging in various areas and disruptions to daily activities. Shop owners in Polo View market faced significant losses when their shops flooded with drainage water after a night of rain. Yesterday, several areas in the city were inundated following a sudden downpour.
With the assurance of ongoing smart city projects and the impending introduction of smart city buses, authorities aim to alleviate the waterlogging woes and enhance the overall living experience for Srinagar's residents.



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