Girls making significant strides in the field of education :LG Sinha
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Girls making significant strides in the field of education :LG Sinha

Says 70-75 % of gold medals bagged by girl students in varsities in UT Ancient India was the centre of learning, time  to reclaim position of Vishwa Guru Lauds Pathshala's contribution in educating girls from underprivileged sections

Post by RK News on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Srinagar, 03 Oct: Acknowledging the significant strides made by girls in higher education sector, LG Manoj Sinha on Tuesday said that there is a visible change in girls' education as approximately 70-75 percent of gold medals are bagged by girl students in the UT.
LG Sinha was addressing the Founder’s Day celebration of Devki Arya Putri Pathshala Srinagar at Tagore Hall. He said “Our daughters are scripting history in sectors of education, innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship.”
Highlighting the importance of girls' education in society, LG Manoj Sinha acknowledged that there has been a longstanding concern regarding girls' education in our society.
During his address, LG Sinha stated that "Personally, during the felicitation ceremonies that I have experienced in many convocations of Universities, I am happy to inform you that 70-75 percent of gold medals are bagged by girl students. This remarkable achievement underscores the significant strides that girls are making in the field of education, he said.
He also emphasized the unstoppable force of development unleashed by the initiatives of girls in various sectors. "Current India is witness to those sectors where our daughters have initiated any project; nobody can stop them from development, " he said.
The upgrading of Devki Arya Putri Pathshala into a co-education school stands as a testament to the commitment to providing equal opportunities in education for all.
“As the girls of Jammu and Kashmir continue to excel in various fields, it is evident that the future of the region is bright, with young women poised to lead and drive progress in every sector,” he said.
LG Sinha lauded the school for its immense contribution in providing quality education to girls from poor sections of the society since its establishment in 1910.
“Strength of the nation is determined by knowledge, culture and values. Educational institutions should focus on building human values, knowledge, social consciousness to enable the young minds to shape their future life and destiny of the nation,” he said.
“Ancient India was the centre of learning. Under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, the time has come to reclaim the position of Vishwa Guru,” he said.
LG Sinha said that learning in schools should foster educational excellence, equal access to build knowledge and prepare students for global competitiveness.
At the Founder’s Day celebration, the Lt Governor commended the role of Veena Chandhok, Chairperson of Devki Arya Putri Pathshala, Principal and teachers in guiding the growth of the century-old educational institution.
“Society should also come forward and contribute to such virtuous endeavours and create suitable environment for students to develop their full potential, talents, and achieve their life goals,”
On the occasion, Veena Chandhok, Chairperson, Devki Arya Putri Pathshala shared the journey and achievements of the school over the past 112 years.
In the event, performance by Santoor Maestro Sh Abhay Sopori was one of the key highlights of the event besides the soulful prayers and display of martial arts by the school students. Ms Yusra Mushtaq, Principal DAPP, Teachers, parents, guardians and students were present on the occasion.

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