Gender based violence is a global problem affecting millions of women all over the world
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Gender based violence is a global problem affecting millions of women all over the world

Post by RK News on Monday, January 16, 2023

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On Saturday, Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Mohammad Ajaz Assad stressed on providing round the clock help and assistance to women in distress and receiving periodical feedback from the affected and distressed women. He was speaking in the meeting convened to review the implementation of welfare measures for underprivileged, vulnerable, down trodden and weaker sections of the society. Gender based violence has far-reaching social and economic ramifications for survivors of violence and their families. It is a fact that Gender-based violence affects all the developed and developing nations of the world and our valley is not an exception to this problem. Over the years, it has sadly become a common practice for us to discuss topics such as women's rights and their problems only on special occasions such as International Women's Day. However, the situation on the ground is very concerning. The problem can also be seen in a broader global context. Gender-based abuse is becoming more prevalent every passing day. Furthermore, crime against women has risen dramatically for the last many years, which is a serious concern. Unfortunately in our valley, there has also been an increase in the number of rape cases reported. Shockingly in most of the cases, the perpetrators were known to the victims and those involved included family members, relatives, and neighbors. Various studies have attempted to record the crimes perpetrated against Kashmiri women, both as a result of domestic abuse and other factors. According to numerous studies, Kashmiri women are among the worst victims of sexual harassment and other abuses. Extensive legislation enshrining various women's rights is futile unless they are protected. Also many women's advocates have also called for the establishment of separate hospitals dedicated solely to the treatment of women who have been subjected to physical and emotional torture. There are a slew of other steps the government should take to help the women who have been victims. The need of the hour is to take care of those victims who have suffered a lot for the last so many years and they are running from pillar to post to avail justice. The role of society in the upliftment of oppressed women is critical. We also have a duty to speak out against any injustice done to women and to ensure that they are given the proper respect in our society.




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