Ganderbal's Mags community steers a sweet revolution
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Ganderbal's Mags community steers a sweet revolution

Embrace and enhance modern beekeeping

Post by Umar Raina on Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Ganderbal, Sept 29:   Implementing a blend of modern technology and traditional practices, District Ganderbal's Mags community has steered a sweet revolution by adopting and enhancing the beekeeping business, filling the community with joy and good source of income.


With their immense effort and endeavors, the Mags enthusiasts are expanding their honey operations, while local farmers are reaping the rewards of government schemes aimed at promoting this flourishing enterprise.

The core of this transformation lies in the fertile valley of Kashmir, which boasts an impressive 40,000 honey bee colonies. Each colony accommodates ten racks capable of producing up to 25 kg of honey. This abundance is due to the valley's rich flora, making it a true honey paradise.

One of the key factors driving the demand for Kashmiri honey is its exceptional quality, thanks to the region's low humidity ratio. This has positioned Kashmir's honey as a premium product in the market.

The practice of Mags harvesting is gaining momentum not only in the central areas of Ganderbal but also in remote corners of the district. Mags beekeeping is proving to be more than just a source of livelihood; it's an empowering force for many in the community.

In regions like Kangan, Gund, Rezan, and Gagangeer, the honey harvest kicks off in August, and these precious combs are transported to other states in October. As the winter approaches, the bee hives are carefully relocated to warmer climates in different states, typically in Rajasthan, between September and October. This seasonal migration is essential as bees thrive in dry weather.


With the perfect blend of traditional expertise and modern techniques, Central Kashmir's Ganderbal district is poised to remain a honey haven, contributing to the growing demand for this liquid gold.


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